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    So, I always get questions when camming, etc on my size, and I am sure everyone else does as well. My question is this, how do you answer? I have come to find that since so many guys lie, stretch the truth, measure wrong, are deluded, etc. that just saying size in inches (or cm for our metric mates) never gives an accurate depiction. I don't even know really what to say, bone pressed I am 9, but non bone pressed along the top I am just a bit over 8, and I feel like i'm being kinda dishonest if I say my bone-pressed size, but if I just say 8 that guys will picture it smaller than it is (as I have seen some other eights in person and they are always a smaller version of my conceptualization of eight).

    My solution to this (admittedly trivial problem) is to just say my size in commonly known objects. I have comparison pics in my gallery to gillette can, red bull, etc. (which helps in the states, but i know oversees everything is different in size - usually smaller cans/bottles thus making U.S. cocks seem smaller in comparison...)

    How do you guys feel about that? Have you though about that at all? I know some may say that this I have spent more time thinking about this than I should - but I like to have an accurate mental image, it just helps me imagine better, ad if I have doubt or am not sure then it kind of kills the fantasy for me (in this and most other situations - you either know what I mean or do not). So I am aware most dont care more than a passing thought about this, but because of how I think I tend to focus more on this. Plus, it just pisses me off when people are deceptive/lie and te result is to make actual big ones seem less of a big deal.

    Ok, i'll stop rambling now ;)
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    you rambled enough - and look good too!
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