Any LPSGers at Glastonbury this year?

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    I went, I saw, I meant to stay for the three days, but lasted about 30 hours, I got so fucked that I fell asleep in the 'Down Low' (skip to around 46.30 just after Amy Winehouse) a recreation of an NY gay discotheque...or maybe I passed out? I even grew a tache, for the free entry, and made a special effort with the outfit!! Strangely, I developed an American accent, as did everyone else!! There were so many bands that I wanted to see, so many stages, so MANY fucking people, but I am ashamed to say that I spent most of my time in the Glasto gay club, drugged unashamedly to the nines...but it was fabulous.

    When I came to, I had to leave, it was all too much!

    Feeling better now.

    Last years 'down-low' the worlds first travelling gay disco!
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