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Any Male Keyholders Want To Try Lock Up A Fit 25 Y/o?



Hey guys.

I'll be brief, I'm Aussie, 25, hard worker and looking for a down to earth dominant guy who wants to encourage me to cum less. If you're new to this, let me know and we can explore together.

I'm interested in a caring yet sadistic guy. Maybe start introducing ruined orgasms as the default? When I am allowed to cum, maybe it's timed, uncomfortable and painful. Nice full ones very rarely?? Got a plan in mind? Show off the difference between your cock and my nub.

Denial is not always easy but should be fun, I'm into the psychological side of it.

I have a holy trainer cage.

I'm fit, and can send faceless pictures, but not Skype.

Pm me if you're interested and around my age or older :)


Bump now that I can actually be messaged, haha