Any movies that has hot guys in it? Name them..

Discussion in 'Models and Celebrities' started by elegant20, May 3, 2008.

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    :cool:I am mostly an 80s fan, but here goes:


    Fright Night(Chris......mmmmm....)
    Zapped!(the first teaming up of Baio/Aames)
    I Love N.Y(the only time you see Scott Baio's buns)
    The Outsiders(they are cute, gorgeous, talented...:eek:**drools over poster**)
    The Lost Boys(mmmmmm....Keifer Sutherland and the gang)
    Every 80s Rob Lowe movie.....does it matter? :eek::biggrin1:
    A couple of Eric Stoltz flicks....but mainly for Some Kind of Wonderful.
    A couple of goofy, but cute Matthew Broderick flicks here and there.
    All Harrison Ford movies...action or otherwise.
    A couple of good Mad Max/Lethal Weapon flicks starring...who else? The eye candy!
    Stand By Me(Yep...ultimate eye candy on River)
    Running On Empty(Major eye candy alert)
    A couple of 80s Corey flicks(Liscense To Drive or Dream A Little Dream)
    A Duran Duran documentary

    What do you have?

    Name the movies you either have on DVD or VHS(since some of them are not out). Remember, it can be anything.
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