Any voyeurs out there?

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    I had the good fortune of living in a home where the large guest bed window faced the large bedroom window of our neighbors. One night I saw the daughter - she's about 19 years old with a huge pair of tits, walkling around the room in a towel. When she dropped the towel I was staring at a wet, hot naked body from about 30 feet away!

    I peeped on her for a while until I got up the nerve to lift my blinds and put on a show for her. I turned on the lights and then proceeded to undress. The light from my window caught her attention and I glanced over at her as she pressed her face against the glass in surprise. I was getting so hard!

    We played this game for months, sometimes she would invite friends over to watch or sometimes they would all undress in front of the window, but it was heaven. She would walk around in her bikini, nightie or nothing at all, hoping that I would put on my show so she could watch.

    My wife was sleeping in the other room so it was always a challenge. Any way, we ended up moving away and I miss those voyeuristic days!
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