ANYONE in Santa Barbara or Ventura?... Los Angeles? I'll post pictures in the reply.

Discussion in 'Personal Ads' started by ucsb123, Dec 27, 2006.

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    Nov 22, 2006
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    Girls more than welcome. Guys MUST involve a chick SOMEHOW!!! I will get a picture of myself as long as I get replies. A little about myself. I go to school at UC Santa Barbara. I'm half white half black. I'm thin with a six pack. I wear glasses, and I'm 5'9" at 147 lbs. I have a 7 inch dick. It's a little thin at 5 inches. Again, I'll put up pictures of myself. I'm just not near a camera now. Give me till Friday. Then I'll show you me :biggrin1: .

    Again, I'm open to ONE new experience with guys as long as a chick is involved somehow. However I'd like more girls to respond, any age, any size, etc. I'm sorry I'm a little virginal at this. Actually I got too drunk my first time I had sex, so technically I'm not a virgin, but in reality I kinda am. (I'm a make out whore and a fingering pimp as well as oral, but sex... that has always been too much commitment which is why I'm doing this for 2007). I really want to lose my hang up about sex. Please respond back.
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