Anyone like brazzers?

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    Nov 9, 2006
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    Im a smaller guy avg to small, and like hookin up you bigger guys
    8 and up, with a porn subscription here and there.

    My ex gf loved when I would do this, basically give a guy way more hung
    than me a month subscription to some hot porn and only her and him would
    get to have access to the vids and pics. And on top of that I was denied basically they would sit around getting off to the vids and actual
    porn and send me links to clothed pics of the hotties and trailers (or parts of trailers).

    so looking to do this again but with just a hung guy now, since my ex gf is gone. dont worry into the humilaition thing as well-so feel free to tease as much as you want and have fun getting off to my porn

    oh the site I was going to pick was brazzers, or another you might like

    ex cuck

    IM me at
    yahoo IM
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