anyone watch the new Dana Carvey Special?

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    he still does great imitations...

    his GW Bush is dead on...

    but the funniest thing he said, was Reagan was doing a prediction of the 2008 election back in 1988, and they asked him who would be president in 2000...

    so he says to GHWBush,

    "George, your son will be president in 2000"

    and Bush1 says

    "Alright, that is great Jeb will be fantastic...good ole jebbers..."

    "no, not that son, the retarded one with the cocaine problem" LOL

    then when asked who would be president in 2008, Reagan says

    "I have my eye on this young african american fellow, who looks like a cross between the guy from MAd Magazine and Urkel" LOL

    (oops...PS...apparently this was from last year)
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