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    humongous: Sammy answered his front door to see one of the hottest
    maintenance men that he had ever seen. He was tall, built with broad
    shoulders, a small waist, and showing a very pronounced, and
    crotch. Sammy quickly looked the hunk over and made a mental
    decision that
    the new maintenance man was one hell of a hot looking man, was
    about 27 or 28 years old, but---damn it, ---was wearing a wedding
    Sammy was 30 years old, and stood only to about the shoulder
    of this adorable hunk of a man, and although he did have a good firm
    it certainly was nothing compared to the muscle man that was now
    directly in front of him at the front door. He knew that he had
    admired good looking men in uniform pants, regardless of which type
    of a
    uniform, but he quickly decided that this particular pair of pants,
    the bulge that was showing, was probably the hottest looking pair
    that he
    had ever been up real close to. He quickly noticed that this
    bulge was a little more than just a bulge, ---part of what was hidden
    inside was actually extending down the left leg. This sure made
    wonder very quickly if this hunk of a man knew just how much he was
    showing, did he care, and of course, with that much in his basket
    area, why
    didn't he wear briefs, so that he could fold it under and kind of
    hide it.
    Sammy had some major concerns about if he had noticed and
    the crotch area a little too long, and had perhaps been seen looking
    at it.
    "Hi, I'm Jack Jensen, the maintenance man. This is apartment
    number 117 isn't it? Are you Sam Wilson? I understand you have a
    problem somewhere here in your apartment?" "Yea, huh yea." Sammy
    to answer. "The ceiling light in the bathroom went out and even
    though I
    put a new bulb in it, it still won't work. Come on in."
    Sammy swung the door open as he invited the maintenance man
    in, and
    then totally checked his backside out, as Jack entered and went past
    "You are new here aren't you?" Sammy asked.
    "Yea, just started this week. Fact is, I'm still trying to
    remember which apartments are where. The numbering system for this
    is kind of messed up to me. It doesn't make too much sense."
    "Yea I've always thought that too." Sammy replied, as he eye
    balled the tall black, mahogany muscular, broad shouldered, statue
    of a
    man. He fought to keep his eyes from trailing down to the enormous
    area. He did think to himself, "Damn those pants sure are nice and
    Damn, I'd love to feel them! Shit, that looks hot!"
    "The bathroom is back here," Sammy told Jack.
    Jack followed Sammy down the hall toward the bedroom area
    and into
    the bathroom.
    "So do you live here by yourself?" Jack inquired.
    "No, I've got a roommate, but he's not here right now."
    "Oh OK." Jack replied. "What's his name?"
    "Jim. Jim Nelson." Sammy answered.
    "Oh OK." Jack replied as he rather looked around to see
    what the
    apartment was like.
    "You guys have a nice place here. I've only been in a few
    of the
    units so far, but you guys sure have this one fixed up nicer than
    the other
    ones I've been in."
    "Well thanks!" Sammy acknowledged. "We try! We both like
    "Yea nice stuff like you Mr. Jack Jensen", Sammy said to
    himself as
    he watched Jack bed over and put his tool box on the floor. His
    process continued, "Damn one hot maintenance man! What an ass! I
    like hell he stays around for awhile and not the normal two or three
    and then off to a better job. Of course with the other ones, who
    but shit man, this one is way too hot to let go. Oh man! Just
    yourself there all bent over with your ass and those damn tight pants
    shining right at my face. Damn man! One hell of a hot ass! Damn,
    that is
    good man stuff! Shit, that's hot!!"
    Attempting to re-compose himself, and not act like his mind
    off, out in the woods someplace, Sammy asked,---as his man of cumin
    stood back up, "Do you prefer being called Jack, or do you prefer
    Mr. Jensen?"
    "Oh definitely Jack! I always say Mr. Jensen is my Dad!
    Hey, Sam,
    do you happen to have a step stool that I could borrow. I did not
    this was a ceiling light problem and I did not bring a stool. Have
    you got
    one I could borrow?"
    "Yea, sure do Jack. Let me get it for you. It's in the
    I'll be right back.
    Sammy headed for the kitchen, retrieved the stool and
    returned to
    the bathroom to find that Jack had removed his shirt and was now bare
    "Oh, hope you don't mind," Jack said as he saw Sammy return
    to the
    bathroom. "I wouldn't do this if I was in some woman's apartment,
    these damn uniform shirts are so damn tight they are hard to move
    in, so if
    it's OK with you, since it's just you and me, I'd like to just do
    it until I get finished. OK?"
    "Oh yea! Yea--of course it's OK." Sammy replied. Then to
    he continued without actually saying it out loud, "Hell yes you can,
    you can take the damned pants off too if you want. Shit man look at
    pecs! Look at those biceps! Look at those tinny little nipples!
    Look at
    that skin! Shit man, what a hunk! Shit he is hot! Damn he is
    I've never chased after black guys before, but shit man, this one is
    getting me all turned on!"
    Jack opened the stool and after stepping up on it, he
    proceeded to
    start work on the lamp fixture. Sammy stood there and with his mouth
    hanging open, watched Jack reach up and extend his arms above his
    Sammy sighed. Jack heard the sigh and looked toward Sammy.
    "You OK?" Jack inquired.
    "Oh yea, I'm OK." Sammy replied. "Yea, I'm OK."
    Turning, Sammy left the hall bathroom and went into the
    off of the main bedroom, and rinsed his face with cold water. He
    felt that
    he actually needed to cool himself back down. Jack's naked and
    upper half, had actually gotten him way too flushed. He grabbed a
    wiped his face, stood there for a minute or two, and took three deep
    As he returned down the hall to the main part of the
    apartment, he
    passed the door to the bathroom where Jack was working. Once again
    simply had to stop and gaze at the hunk of this man, that was in his
    apartment. Actually in his bathroom, half undressed, and while he
    was in
    there too! He looked up toward Jack's upper body, and he then
    looked down
    toward Jack's waist, and, after loosing self-control, down toward his
    crotch. Jack saw Sammy looking at this crotch.
    Jack smiled, and Sammy immediately turned and left the
    Sammy forced himself to stay in the living room and kitchen
    and Jack continued his work on the light fixture.
    "There!" Sammy shortly heard Jack exclaim from the
    bathroom. "It
    works! Hey Sam, come look. It's working!"
    Sammy headed toward the bathroom and as he turned the
    corner, he
    saw Jack standing there admiring his handy work, and at the same time
    rubbing his crotch. Sammy did not know what to look at. The light,
    or the
    hand on the crotch. The crotch certainly did hold a greater amount
    interest. Right then, Jack's crotch certainly was shinning much more
    brightly than the light fixture was.
    "Hey great!" Sammy said as he came into the bathroom. Jack
    realized that once again Sammy was eye balling his crotch. And he
    giving Sammy a good reason to watch.
    "Hey the light man, the light!" Jack said in a rather joking
    manner. "The light's not your real main interest is it?" Jack
    asked as he
    strongly grabbed his crotch, rubbed on it, and then pulled it up
    putting his hand down under, and alongside the hang of meat that was
    down his left leg.
    "What, uhhh, what?" Sammy rather asked.
    "Sam, I'm not real ignorant. I think you want to see what I
    in my pants, don't you?"
    "What!? What!?" Sammy exclaimed! "Why are you saying
    "Sam, I know you are a gay guy. I already knew that you had
    partner. I already knew his name was Jim. Sam, the only reason I
    this job was because I knew this apartment complex has a lot of gay
    guys in
    it, and before I go to any apartment, I find out as much about who
    is there
    as I can. Why do you think I'd run around without any underwear
    on? Shit
    man, I need it to keep everything in there under control. Why do
    you think
    I took my shirt off? Hell that shirt ain't that damn tight! I
    wanted to
    flex these pecs in front of you and see if I could get you all hot
    bothered, and I think I did! I like to mix work and fun together
    I can, and that's why I like to work in complexes that have a lot of
    guys. I get my rocks off by letting them admire my hours in the
    gym. Now,
    want to see what I have hidden down here?" Jack asked, ---as he
    started to
    unbutton his uniform pants.
    "Uhh yea!" Sammy managed to answer. "Yea Jack if you want
    to show
    Sammy was actually wanting to yell, "Hell yes man! Hell yes
    I want
    to see it! Hell yes! Hell yes,-----I want to grab it!" But, he was
    trying to maintain some dignity and not act as if he was as horny as
    which he was quickly becoming, with the idea in mind, that Jack
    wanted him
    to see his dick.
    Jack unbuttoned the top button of his uniform pants, and he
    told Sammy to finish unbuttoning them and to pull them down. Of
    course he
    had no briefs on, which had been very obvious to Sammy ever since he
    at the front door.
    "Yea right man! Yea, pull them down and put them down on
    the floor
    right on top of my shoes."
    Sammy did as he was instructed and found that when he let
    loose of
    the pants, he was now face-to-dick with one of the darkest, longest,
    thickest and one of the sweetest looking dicks that he had ever seen,
    either in person or in any mag. The skin looked like velvet!
    "Oh shit! Oh shit man!" Sammy exclaimed as he backed his
    away so that he would be looking at the entire dick and not just the
    attached to Jack's body. "Damn man! God Jack, you have got the
    dick of
    death! Jack, I've never played with a black man's dick before.
    I've never
    see one like this! God Jack,---this thing is enormous!"
    "Want to lick it Sam? I've got some time before I'm
    expected to
    check back at the office, and I sure do want to make good friends
    with the
    people that I will be taking care of around here. Why don't you
    kind of
    lick that pole so that I know you and I can be some, good, tight,
    If I take care of you and your apartment, then I want to know you
    can take
    care of me too! See, I've got some tools in my tool box, and I've
    got this
    special tool here in my pants! I really want to use this special
    Sammy took about three big deep breaths and slowly reached
    up and
    took ahold of Jack's bag of balls in his left hand. He took ahold of
    Jack's cock with his right hand, and then looked up at Jack.
    "You aren't even hard yet and this damn thing is almost too
    fat for me to get my hand around. Jack, how damn big does this get,
    it gets hard?"
    "Sam, my young man, you are the one down there with it in
    hand. I'm sure if you kind of maybe lick on it and jerk it just a
    it will start getting hard for you, so that you can see for
    yourself! Come
    on man! Get me hard! I'm feeling kind of horny here, and I need a
    looking guy like you to give me some service. I want to watch it
    right down that hungry mouth of yours. I need to feel your warm,
    hungry, mouth all over it. Eat my dick man! Use that tool man!"
    Sam was shocked that this was happening. He remembered how
    just a
    few minutes ago when he first opened the front door to let Jack in,
    how he
    was so overtaken by this man's structure and his outstanding form,
    that at
    that time he really did want to just throw Jack to the floor and
    rape him.
    But now that Jack was telling him to actually do it, Sam was
    wondering if
    what was happening was really supposed to be going on. This guy
    worked for
    the apartment company, and Sammy was a tenant there. He had never
    had one
    of the maintenance men come on to him like this. He was not mentally
    prepared for this to be happening right then. This was way too
    Hot, but way too unexpected!
    Sam looked back down at the black stick of meat and slowly
    to move his hand along the shaft. He slightly pulled on the bag of
    balls that were in his left hand. He took a deep breath! He pulled
    on the
    bag a little rougher and grabbed his hand around the shaft as far as
    could manage. He pushed back on the dick, and felt the skin move
    along the
    inner muscle. Then he pulled forward on it and again felt the skin
    He felt more strength come into the pole. He continued to stroke.
    shook his head in amassment as Jack's, black, 'hot rod' got bigger
    "Oh my God Jack! Jack I never knew a guy could have a dick
    damn big! God Jack! Shit man! This damn thing is bigger than any
    I've even seen pictured. Shit Jack, how damn big is this thing?"
    "When it's good and hard, like after some good hungry mouth
    been on it for awhile, it usually measures about 11 inches long and
    six and a half or seven inches around."
    "Jack! You said after some hungry mouth has been on it!
    You mean
    you have had guys suck on this damn thing? You have had guys that
    actually get that in their mouths?"
    "Yea man! Yea, a lot of guys can! And I don't know why,
    but it's
    usually the smaller guys that can take it down their throats and
    those are usually the guys that beg for me to try and ram it up in
    asses. The bigger muscle kind of guys usually can't take it in
    either end.
    Now Sam, you look like one of the guys that can really take it and
    it! Come on man! Let's see if I've started working at the right
    complex or not. I mean man, if I can't find me enough guys around
    here to
    take care of that thing for me, then I will just have to find me
    job at another complex where the boys are hungrier and more anxious
    to make
    Mr. Jack and his big, black, long, dick, happy! I know from past
    experience, I need serviced, by a guy, at least once a day, so I've
    got to
    get my men lined up. Sam, I want you to be one of them!"
    Sam let loose of the bag of balls and placed both hands on
    dick. He started stroking it with both hands clasped together as
    far as
    possible. His face was directly in front of the dick and he was
    back and forth, aiming directly at his own face.
    "Yea that's the way men!" Jack said. "Yea that's starting
    to feel
    reaaaaaal good Sam. Grab it tight and stroke it hard! Let me know
    have ahold of it! Let me feel it! I want to get it as big for you
    as I
    can, so you need to start getting a little more rough on it. Stroke
    man! There is a lot of meat down there to get all excited. Come on
    beat me off some. Get it all excited! Get me good and hard!"
    Sammy caressed Jack's dick and rubbed his face up against
    the side
    of it as he stroked it back and forth. Slowly but firmly it
    stretched out
    and started to reach its maximum size. To Sammy it actually felt
    like a
    steel baseball bat in his hand. He moved his mouth to the tip of
    it. He
    opened his mouth as wide as possible. He slowly and with hesitation
    his mouth onto the end of Jack's over-sized rod. Sammy knew it
    would be a
    total challenge to get part of, if not most of, Jack's meat into his
    Grabbing ahold of Jack's hips, Sammy forced his face forward
    pulled on Jack's body in an attempt to swallow as much of the big
    sausage as possible.
    Jack placed his hands on the back of Sammy's head and
    slowly and
    deliberately pulled his head toward himself. Sammy gulped and
    gagged as he
    allowed Jack to force his head onto the big meat stick. He had to
    pull his
    head back to allow himself to get some air, and while he was off of
    dick, he said, "Oh shit man! Oh shit this damn thing is way too
    As soon as he had made his statement of qualifying the dick
    as too
    big, Sammy immediately threw his face forward and once again forced
    as much
    of the black cock back into his mouth and as far down his throat as
    possible. Sammy had now had enough of his,--- attempting to take it,
    ---and he had now turned very anxious to get all of it, if at all
    He had been hesitant when he started, but he was now hot and ready
    to force
    himself to take it even if it was uncomfortable to do it. He
    realized that
    for some unknown reason, he trusted Jack enough, that even though he
    he would not be able to breathe, Jack would not let him suffocate. He
    forced his mouth open, and he forced the dick inside as far as
    The dick head was way more than anything he had ever attempted to
    put in
    his mouth. He rammed his face forward. Jack pulled Sammy's head
    onto his
    dick. Sammy's throat was completely filled. It was being spread
    Sammy sucked and licked the enormous peace of meat. Jack
    Sammy's head as a jerk-off device. With his hands firmly placed on
    side of Sammy's head, he forced Sammy's mouth on and off of his dick
    he finally said, "Hey---man! I'm getting real ready! Sam, I'm
    real, real close! Man, I'm about to shoot! I'm getting real close
    cumin! Hey guy, I'm going to shoot! Sam, Sam, you want it in your
    Suddenly Jack's whole body went rigid! He thrust his crotch
    Sammy. He pulled on Sammy's head! Every muscle tightened up! He
    there without saying anything and his entire being went as rigid as a
    marble statue.
    Sammy knew that when Jack's dick shot, it was going to be a
    big load. He decided that a dick that big couldn't do anything but
    big loads, and with his actions on that dick, he had gotten himself
    excited, about getting the chance to play with a dick that big, that
    he was
    now getting really anxious and excited about taking the full load
    down his
    throat. He tried to utter, "OK, OK", but with his mouth so full and
    so far open, he had trouble getting the words out. He was not about
    take the dick out of his mouth to say anything. He did not want to
    his face or chest getting the shot gun load that he was now wanting
    to feel
    hit the back of his mouth.
    Jack shot! Jack shot big! Jack shot strong! Sammy pushed
    face onto Jack's dick as far as he could go. Sammy moaned and
    groaned as
    he tried to swallow the man-milk as fast as he could. Jack stood
    completely rigid and continued to shoot. Shot after shot! Sammy
    to swallow.
    Finally Jack's dick quit shooting, and he slowly allowed his
    to relax. Sammy swallowed the remaining cum that he still had in his
    mouth. He pulled his mouth back from the forced position that he had
    assumed, the position that he had used so that he made sure he got
    all of
    this handsome man's juices. He felt like he had drank the city
    water well
    dry. He had never had a dick that big in his mouth before, he had
    taken that much cum before, and he had never had a black man fuck
    his face
    before. He thought, "Now I know why they say, --Go Black, you never
    Sammy pulled off of Jack's dick. He wiped his mouth with
    the back
    of his right hand. He looked up at Jack and exhaustingly
    said, "Shit oh
    man! Oh shit! God Jack, you loaded me fucking full! God Jack!
    You must
    have shot a quart of juice into my mouth. Man I had trouble
    swallowing it
    fast enough! God man, you have got one hot dick!"
    "Well,--Sammy my man!" Jack replied, after regaining some
    composure and strength. "I certainly have found myself a guy that
    how to take it, use it, and eat it! You had fun on my cock, didn't
    Sitting back on his heels, grabbing the sides of Jack's tree
    legs, he looked up at Jack and tried to say, "Oh hell yes I did
    Jack. Jack
    I've never had that much cock in my mouth all at once before. Oh
    shit man!
    Oh, when you started cumin I had to swallow as fast as I could. Oh
    man! Oh man, you loaded me full! Yea, Jack, yea I do have to admit
    that I
    had fun. I'm fucking exhausted, but shit yes, I had fun! Jack, I
    need to
    catch my breath!"
    "So I guess maybe that might mean that when I need to get my
    off, I can stop by here and let you take care of it for me? Right?
    Can I
    count on you as one of my main men on sucking me off when I need it?"
    "Well Jack, I guess so, but I do have a partner, remember?
    don't usually fuck around without the other guy being here, so I'm
    not so
    sure about just any ole time. I really didn't expect anything like
    this to
    happen today. I've never had some maintenance man kind of strip
    down and then offer his dick to me before. God Jack, especially one
    that! Jack, the way you look and the way you are built, I'm sure
    you can
    do that to just about any guy and he'll go for it, but I did not
    intend to
    make hay with somebody without Jim being here. I'm not so sure I
    should be
    doing this again. I'm not so sure that would be fair to Jim. God
    I'm getting real confused here. Jack you are so hot! God having
    sex with
    you is way too much to believe. Jack, you said you need a guy to do
    you at
    least once a day? My God Jack! I can see why you need multiple
    guys! I
    don't think one guy could do this everyday! Jack, I want to, but ---
    I don't know!"
    "So how about we set it up so that I can meet your Jim, and
    see if
    maybe we can do a three-way or something. Hey, Jim might be more
    to letting you suck me off when I need it if he and I know each
    other. Is
    Jim a good sucker? Maybe he'd like to suck me off too! Maybe I can
    both of you guys up for me!"
    "Oh Jack. This is getting so confusing! Yea, I'd really
    like a
    three way with you and Jim, and yea, I know I'd like to have more
    sex with
    you later, but man! But,---Jack, --I don't know if all you like is
    getting sucked off or if you like other stuff too. I mean, to have
    a three
    way and have one of the guys just wanting to get himself sucked off,-
    that doesn't usually work too well. What else are you into?
    else, or just getting sucked off?"
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