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    I am what many would call a Apple fanboy (or "douche bag" :tongue:), I own various products by them (iPod, my other half has an iPhone, iPad, a laptop and desktop - not to mention work stuff). I have used Apple products for many years now and I have always found them to be really wonderful machines which also look good. I am always interested in their new products and follow their developments closely - however I am not so much of a fan boy that I am unable to admit when they have flaws.

    It seems that within the past year or two Apple has really started to slip with their products. This started for me with the iPod touches which I think were released as a simple case of style over substance. It seems that since then some of their product releases have been lackluster and unable to live up to the hype. I was really excited about the iPad and purchased one upon release, it's a cool device and is wonderful for reading books and comics on - but to be honest, the rest of it has left me rather underwhelmed. I paid quite a bit of cash for it and in retrospect, it's not been worth it. When the pricing was first announced for the iPad I was astounded at how affordable it was - now after using it for a while I do actually believe they are somewhat overpriced for their function.

    The second major gripe I have is that Apple seem to have somewhat abandoned those who use their products professionally or with purpose. I have used Macs in my working life for a while now but have found that they continually leave the pro-consumer in the dark. Releases for software such as Aperture, Logic and Final Cut have all been (in my opinion) lacking - either through pointless or shallow upgrading or through minimal changes. It also seems that software such as iLife and iWork are being left on the wayside - A new iLife is rumoured to be released soon and it doesn't include an update of iDVD (which hasn't been updated since 2008 and is likely to be "dropped). I find this kind of stuff really aggravating as they spew out a new iPod or Macbook what seems like every few months yet fail to address what actually needs updating.

    The same problem applies with a Mac Pro - this is the desktop computer of choice for many professionals yet hasn't been updated in 510 days (the average update timeframe is 236) - an update is rumoured to be imminent but Apple are keeping schtum. This is my final gripe, Apple are so hell bent on keeping secrets that they never release any information of a product ahead of time - it would be great if they could say "A new Mac Pro will be available from September 2010". We don't need all the tech specs or shiny pictures but some reassurance that it's on it's way would be nice. Ya know, like you used to do.

    I guess my big issue with Apple is they seem to have somewhat lost their way. They built a great reputation for reliable, stylish and functional technology yet it seems recently (iPhone 4, anyone?) they have forgotten what they are really about. In short - Jobs, sort it out and get your company back on track.

    This is just my observation and confession that although I think they are a decent company and make some wonderful stuff, they are not without fault -- at all. Normal service of "ZOMG!!1! Apple are amazing...." will resume shortly. :rolleyes:
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