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    Sorry guys this isnt a sexual story in the least it is just a story that i hope some of you will enjoy....

    Arch Angel Dark Angel
    I laid down my blanket in the shade of the great tree that stood proudly on top of a small hill. I sat down and rested my back against its trunk and surveyed the army of granite stones that stood at attention constantly proclaiming the resting remains of those lost to history.
    All of the stones were relatively similar in size, though not in shape, but still they all seemed to be the same. They very uniform, like soldiers standing to attention in rigid formation, all except for one.
    In the entire necropolis there were two hills that were parallel to the gate, one of which I was sitting on. On the crest of the other hill stood a colossal, black marble statue of an Angel.
    Wreathed in gold, he stood raising high a great flaming sword in one hand and in the other he cradled a tablet, which proclaimed its epitaph in bright gold inlay. From my hill I couldn’t read what it said, but I was so intrigued that I got up and decided to brave the hot sun and the labyrinth of headstones to go and read it.
    As I made the journey down my hill, I thought about all the kids at school who made fun of me, called me ‘Ghost Boy’ and other names, just because I came here often to sit and think, and sometimes even talk to the hundreds of people that made up my audience.
    The dead were great listeners; they never interrupted me to tell me that what I thought was stupid and wrong, or that my dreams were foolish and would never amount to anything. They just listened, and accepted me. It was peaceful and quiet there, and no one from the outside world would bother me here. All of the people in this neighborhood were superstitious and thought that this wonderful, peaceful, place, was haunted. Though sometimes their ridicule reaches me even here, and the tranquility of this place cannot comfort me. Sometimes I just want to go away into Oblivion. I always thought it would be nice and quiet there.
    My walk was finished, and I clambered up the rest of the hill to where the great statue towered over me. To most it would seem menacing, but to me he seemed to be a guardian. A guardian over the graveyard, and over all those who entered it, especially me.
    I had always assumed that I was tall, but compared to this monstrous titan. I felt small, very small. On tiptoe I barely reached high enough to read the inscription on the tablet. It read:
    Arch Angel Dark Angel
    Lend me thy light
    Till deaths day
    Until we have Heaven in sight
    It was in Greek. I once took a class for the Greek Alphabet, so I was able to slowly cipher it out.
    “Arch Angel Dark Angel, Lend me thy light, till deaths day, until we have heaven in sight…I wonder what that means?”
    I let my hands rest on the words made of gold, and leaned against the cool, hard surface and found solace from the troubles of life under the protective gaze of this heavenly warrior. With that thought I slipped into a dream state, half awake, half asleep, and very cool.
    A few minutes later the sun began to relentlessly drive away the coolness of the marble, and I decided to go back to my blanket in the shade.
    Back under my tree in the shade I was once again, cool and comfortable, and falling asleep again, and that’s precisely what I did.
    I slept like the dead that surrounded me for countless hours. The sun rose to its peak and completely set during the time I was asleep, and by the time I rose the moon was already in its descent.
    When I awoke a sense of dread came over me. Oh the things people would say about the kid who fell asleep and spent the night in ‘Headstone City.’ Now I really wanted to fly into Oblivion to escape the humiliation.
    I looked over to my guardian who was standing fiercely on the neighboring hill. I couldn’t put my finger on it but something seemed out of place or different about him. In the light of the full moon he seemed to turn a shade of deep midnight blue, and as I watched, the rivers of gold that ran through the statue, suddenly began to flow as silver as the moonlight that shone from above.
    The eyes flashed with moonlight and the head turned and surveyed the yard. He moved down the hill and swung his sword in a fiery arc, and watched the souls of those interred here rise from their graves and face the east. They seemed to be waiting.
    The angel turned towards me and slowly glided across the once empty yard. He held out his hand beckoning me to take it. I did just that and he led me back down the hill into the midst of souls that were gathering around him. During that short walk every bad and hurtful memory and thought that I possessed seemed to slip away, just as if they were the footsteps that I left behind.
    All of this time the sky had become lighter with the coming of the dawn, and as we joined the group and faced the east in quiet anticipation, I felt completely at peace.
    As the first rays of dawn broke over the horizon and fell on our little gathering, I glanced at my angelic guardian and he looked down upon me, I felt for the first time in my entire sad existence, loved, accepted, and truly happy.
    I closed my eyes, completely content that whatever was about to happen was for the better, and that wherever we were going no one here would miss me, and as the first rays of dawn caressed my face with warm radiant fingers, I began to melt away like loose sand in the wind. It felt good, just like standing under a soft, cool waterfall on a hot day.
    Oblivion, it was good, I was there with all those I had spent countless afternoons pouring out my life’s troubles to. All those that became the family I never had. I was sincerely happy. That day I died, but that day I also began to truly live.

    i hope you liked it :biggrin1:
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    Nothing to wank about there... a "ficticious story" yes. Well written? Yes. Interesting? Absolutely not.
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