Are sexually very active women really more liberated than men?

Discussion in 'Relationships, Discrimination, and Jealousy' started by B_UNKNOWN321, Jan 9, 2007.

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    Sexually very active women supposedly are 27 times more likely to have had at least one female partner than a male having a male partner. I think there are mitigating circumstances which lead to this phenomenon. Men are 27 times more likely to lie about having had a male sexual partner if they are known as straight. And why – because a man is 270 times more likely to be shunned by his male friends and probably shunned also by potential female sexual partners because of the social stigma associated more strongly with male-male coupling even occasionally than with women pairing with each other. It is reported, and much agreed upon, than a woman can actually become more sexually attractive if she will have sex occasionally with another woman in the presence of a male sexual partner. But do we ever hear of two men once in a while having a little sexual fun with each other and by this action giving extra sexual stimulation to a girlfriend. Double standards definitely.

    And there is another disparity – men are probably 2700 times more likely to be killed by some super homophobic creeps than a woman would be if he were found to have had even one male-male sexual encounter. Most of the absurd nonsense about homosexuality in this country would probably disappear if only women had an occasional same sex affair and men never, never did. I have known several guys on this site who told me and others that they were 100% straight but after we got to know each other very well and exchanged all our sexual feelings very honestly invited me to have sex with them and not just a joint jerk off – but a very full sexual relationship. And I was surprised each time not to be the least bit put off by the invitation. Personally I see nothing, absolutely nothing wrong and everything right with two men sharing a sexual experience and providing an intensely gratifying physical experience with another man if they choose to do so – I do not think that the experience would make a man any less a fully functioning male-female sexual partner. I think that if not for the asinine social stigma with men having sex with each other, very sexually active men would NOT be 27 times less likely to have an occasional male partner than a woman having a woman partner.
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    Wait, what was the question?
    I got lost between the rhetoric and the rant.

    While I appreciate the female form, I have never been sexually attracted to another woman. I am more likely to see a beautiful woman and experience mild envy over a specific body part than I am to want to make love to her. Perhaps I'm an anomally, but I don't think so.

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