Are we different or much more the same

Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by hungthick, Dec 21, 2004.

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    I love this group since the moment i was directed to it by a guy that was banned from it presumably forever. He wants me to ignore the group but i do enjoy passing some time reading what is on other's minds relating to cock.

    I was actually on here under another name about a year ago but never posted once. i forgot my name and that is why i rejoined under my current name. Since then i have posted what i believe is not page filler.

    Some have emailed me saying they enjoy my posts and others tell me this in live chat from time to time. I am pleased some think my comments are valid but i am always interested in those that disagree with me because i wonder why my thinking is so different.

    There is one female poster that i enjoy reading but we have such friction it is unbelievable. i really appreciate this persons perspective on topics and i just wonder why we challenge each other.

    The regulars on here make this a great support group. Those that post frequently most likely represent a great number of readers.

    so my quesiton now, are we so different in this group or do we all say the same thing? Sometimes i read the same thing 10 times in one thread. Does anyone have a reason for this? do we want to read ourselves in print if we just read the same answer previously?
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    Flux: Well I'd like to think I'm different in most things but on most of the moral questions that talk about values etc right and wrong, most people seem to have the same high/respectable and understandable morals etc which is a good thing, does get a bit boring to read but I dont mind. I mind more having to trawl through a huge topic to make sense of what people are saying. There have been a few moral dilemmas here recently though, so I guess that might make it look like people here are similar but probably arent.

    So there :D
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    It's an affirmation, sort of an expression of solidarity. It's like saying, "I've been in that situation, and I agree completely." It's great to let someone know that he's not alone in his perspective. That's part of what a support group is all about: the acknowledgement that we share experiences and outlooks eventuated by the presence of or interest in large penes.
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