Are you a single female in the North West UK?

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    I've been as busy as a one legged Riverdancer recently so I thought I'd make the effort to find a partner in crime by placing an ad on here. I'm not into multiple partners ,I'm much more comfortable being in a committed honest relationship, (Do people like that exist on here????haha)

    I can hold a conversation about most things and I'm also pretty domesticated (Thanks mum) :-D, and I've been known to cook a mean chorizo and pork casserole (Thanks Delia)...WARNING DISCLAIMER..participants do so at their own risk! ;-)
    I bore myself running on a tread mill every now and then so i'm no salad dodger! I have my own house and car etc and i suppose i'm considered good looking. I go out most weeks and like nothing more than a stonking good night out in Manchester but i can take it or leave it these days to be honest, (although i do like a good bottle of vino (never seem to get bored of that) :))

    I'm looking for somebody who likes to laugh until the point of collapse, playful, smart, petite(ish) selfless, sexy and witty.
    Sooooooo If you're a good laugh, you're not orange and you don't take life too seriously and fancy going out for a drink sometime to see if we click , then it would be great to hear from you x
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