Are you taller when you lay down?

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    This was sparked earlier this month by a friend of mine, when we went to West Edmonton Mall, and there was a speakers corner there. I am generally a camera hog, so I decided to answer the questions it was going to ask me (for free, since i'm a cheap bastard). One of the questions was "What's your beef?". I guess this was a generality question, since Alberta is one of the largest beef producers in Canada. So I answered the question by putting my hands up gesturing for the size of my penis. My female friend laughed and asked me, "So are you taller when you lay down?". I just laughed and continued on our way. Little does she know.... :p

    Anyways, I was just wondering what crazy questions people have posed you in your day to day cock life.

    Enjoy my new avatar... Burnt Face Man vs. Me!
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