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    I would have preferred simply e-mailing your organization, but that appears to be impossible.
    So I registered, even though I have no intention of posting, because I am certainly "not eligible", if you see what I am getting at.
    So why did I register?
    A good number of years ago, Penthouse Magazine published an article entitled: The Last Taboo: The Hung and Unsung, by Jim Boyd.
    I still have that article, and I am sure that many of the guys on this list would like to see it.
    I have just had it scanned to my yahoo account in the internet cafe where I go, so it is available.
    Now, if the systems admin is reading this, what exactly should I do?
    Should I post it to some general list for everyone, or should I ask people who want to see it to email me?
    Please advise
    Thorstein Veeblefetzer
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