Asians & Stereotypes about penis size

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    I hope you guys don't take offense to this post, but this is in regards to the drastic measures someone took because of his penis being small. I'm not asking for your sympathy here it's for us to recognize that with all the penis talk and discussions on many webpages, blogs, and forums. These stories and discussions on many boards have drove this poor asian boy to his suicide. What I can't seem to understand about this is that most of us so called normal sized guys are on average about 5-6 inches in erect length. I'm a gay man and I've seen everytype of penis that can be seen, whether it be in the gym locker rooms, showers etc. This only makes us quesiton is it how we perceive the asian man or other guys to be inferior to us or we constantly belittle the lesser endowed.

    Seeing the galleries in here shows some very large penises and how some actually say it's a blessing or a curse. But for the most part most of the members are happy with their endowment and don't question themselves if they are smaller or bigger than the next guy.

    I've grown up in a western society being of Pacific Asian Islander origin, my country has been so drastically diluted with western culture that for the most part people have a general ideal of what sexual preferences should be along with sexual appeal. Unfortunately coming home after 34 years and seeing the stature of most Filipinos yes they are naturally shorter as most caucasians, but that's where it all ends most of the time. In fact on my visit most men are generally about average height 5'7" tall and quite a few are taller than myself being 5'9" and up. As for penis size well, that is also a myth here and I'm not going into detail how I know this but lets just say, for the most part most caucasians would be suprised to know that it's all the same in both departments.

    Just a word of fact to most people saying asians are smaller and physically shorter and less muscular. Sorry to say that is nothing but a myth and a myth that has been constructed by someone with so little self esteem that it was necessary to let loose a myth that reduced the sexual adequacy of asian men to a stereotype. This is not to say that in this forum there are guys that are generally larger but as from the gallery there is also a number of guys on here with average penis size and quite happy to share it's demensions with the rest of the group.

    I guess what I'm saying in this long post is to recognize that we are made differently and for the most part most men on this planet is created equal and that the hard on is the great equalizer. So if you see that long dangling penis in the locker, it's not saying he's about 10 inches hard it could be that he's just a shower not a grower. The other guy with a peanut as a penis when flaccid could grow to be much larger than you might think.

    So lets help the other guys to have just a little more self esteem and somehow change this stereotype forever.

    By the way I'm a muscular guy being much larger physically than most white guys in stature and of Pacific Asian Origin and my penis is 6.5x5 cut and not small by any discription. Can't say much for the caucasian guys I've met through the years.

    Link to news article: IOL: 'Small' penis drives teenager to suicide
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    Nowhere near you
  3. D_lkjhgfdsa1234

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    Hi Gdmuscle,

    I also believe that there is hope for those less endowed that they can stretch their way to being huge if they are small if they are unhappy with being average. Some people are even depressed being average especially Asians because they are perceived as small in spite of being average because of this stereotype. Instead of being depressed that I was small, I did lots of research and spent lots of money on penis enlargement techniques. Some worked and some didn't. I figure I spent over $100K on penis enlargement techniques and even have a collection of gadgets such as pumps, stretchers, and hangers. I even bought devices people claimed were better than the previously made. I have devices that I no longer use just sitting ion boxes.
    The good news is that although I spent lots of money, it paid off that I grew 3 inches over the course of 8 years- 5 of which I only grew 1/4 inch from misinformation but the last 3 years I grew 2.5" with proper information. I grew from 4.5" to 7.25 inches.
    Of course, I've seen many Asian guys in this forum who were born naturally with big penises, some even bigger than blacks. Some blacks even try to live up to the stereotype by putting on fake dicks and squirting fake cum. This also effects Blacks negatively in the reverse way- they fear a big let down if they are small!
    Basically, this stereotype only benefits the Caucasian guy who made this up who worry about his own deficiencies. It is like laying a fart and blaming the guy next to you. That guy had a small dick and tried to point the finger of small dicks to Asians.
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    I've lived in Holland and Asia, and Asians are smaller than the Dutch, penis-wise and otherwise. But the Dutch are bigger than their neighbors so I guess I can't use their example to represent caucasians. I've also seen moroccans, portugese, turkish, and iranians, all on average larger than 6 inches, and thick. In the philippines, you'd be considered lucky to have 6 inches, i've seen 7 inchers but none as thick as the ones i've seen in holland. I've had as many dutch as filipino sex partners. I have struggled with my size as well, as much as i have my looks, my weight, my height, my nose, etc. and been depressed, almost suicidal...but i wouldn't say it's totally because of my penis size, or physical limitations. I've done psychology in university and although penis size or physical attributes might contribute to depression, lack of self esteem, or suicide, it usually contributes little. There are bigger, stronger, more significant underlying factors. Even the most beautiful of people commit suicide, even the most well-endowed. We have to be careful where we put the blame. We can't stop people from flaunting their shlong as much as we can't stop hollywood from casting beautiful people. People love calling trends stereotypes when it's a negative, but they negate the fact that they wouldn't exist if there wasn't some grain of truth in them, or these simply would not last that long especially in this day and age. Telling the world "we asians are hung!" all the more sends the message that we are not...but SO WHAT if we're not??? The more you try to defunk whatever stereotype there is out there about your penis the more you tell the world that IT MATTERS. When people talk about concepts they need to talk in abstracts, otherwise there will be no effective starting point for communication. As long as all parties know that these abstracts are abstracts. When people say Asians are not as well hung, or black people are, or whatever, no one is talking about EACH AND EVERY penis out there. It's like saying people walk on 2 legs, when obviously there are those who aren't that lucky. If indeed asians are just as hung as whites, blacks, or whoever, then people will find that out for themselves, who FUCKING CARES if they don't? People get on line, they view cams, they download porn, they travel, they hook up, dammit! Let's stop defending ourselves from stereotypes because that only feeds it. People will think what they want until proven wrong. ONE angry statement from ONE average sized asian will will not PROVE anything. And NO ONE IS RESPONSIBLE for taking the life of a suicide victim except HIMSELF! We cannot blame society for every collective sin possible, individuals simply have to cope, change their perception, and decide for themselves if they want in or out. You can't say that we are made differently then retract it with the erection is the great equalizer. WE ARE SIMPLY MADE DIFFERENTLY. PERIOD! And there's nothing wrong with that.
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