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    Recently had an 'LPSG" type expereience...

    I was at a weekend workshop (very mixed eclectic group of folks)

    One of the big 'suprises' was a woman was coming from out of town, as was another guy... I never quite understood the relationship between them (he was married or in the middle of a divorce but had been seeing her or...??) Anyhow it was a HUGE surpise that she was there (evidently it had been a carefully kept secret). He lit up like a....fireworks and was tongue tied.

    She was latin, and to be honest, a complete knock out! petite, dark hair,huge brown eyes, firm, muscular (I prefer a bit of 'meat').. it was her pesonallity that made it even better- one of those women who makes you smile talking to her). Just breathtaking.

    He was also latin, jet black hair, dark skin (classic "latin lover" looks). I saw him in the shower (small place and I was waiting, he said 'cmon on it') He was toweling off, I dropped trou to get in the shower (I did notice him staring at me (a day of sitting and I was haning very full). I never saw his cock tho (nice ass tho!)

    Anyhow- he and Ms Hottie kept flirting and canoodling... off and on.. all day of the conference (I did see them sharing a blanket the night before on a darkened porch, but gave them their privacy (also I diddn 't realize it was 2 until I walked by and realized there were 2 spanish voices in the dark).

    During the conference I noticed something funny/hot... Everytime we would have a break (we were all sitting on the floor, in a circle, disussin, talking). he was wearing 'distressed' type jeans, I did notice a bit of a 'lump' there...nothing 'noticable' but well, he did see to have a cock and balls...

    (sorry rambling)

    Everytime we would go on a break, he and she would go off a bit and talk and whisper in spanish (I did hear her talking excitedly to her friend (in spanish that morning (see below)

    EVERY time he would come back the bulge got bigger...and a wet spot had formed... the damn thing was snaking down his left leg (yes he was right handed). It got a bit funny- as I don't think he realized what/how much he was showing (he, and I, were paying attention to the leader/speakers)... and I was sitting directly across from him (she was on my left)

    At one point very late i the afternoon he did not return from a break quickly (we would take a break every 45 -55 minutes). The leader made an odd comment '_____ went to the restroom adn will be right back' (wouuld love to have been listening outside the door...). I don't know if the leader was THAT sharp or if the latin gentle man had just made a comment, but when he came back he was 'down' (the faint wet spot was there...but a big man notices another big man).

    Oddly erotic and had to share...
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