At the gym...

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    Hey guys! This is my second fictional story... hope you like it... even though some parts are very similar to an older story i posted...
    So here goes... (by the way... i have a nasty habit of writing U instead of YOU... hope you don't mind...)
    At the gym...

    I'm about 6 feet and I was 21 years old at the time. I had a slim
    body, not very muscular with just enough definition to say I had
    abs. I was happy with the way I looked and thought I was a pretty
    handsome guy. But my best attribute was being hung. I packed a 9
    incher (when really hard) and very thick, curved to the left. I was
    actually kind of shy about it because as I was growing up, my
    friends gave me a hard time about it... u know kids... Anyway, I was
    very inexperienced sexually (which is actually code for: I was a
    virgin…) mainly because of my shyness and because I live in a quite
    conservative environment. So I started chatting online as a sort of
    relief to all that sexual tension guys my age usually tend to
    accumulate. That is when I realized how hot guys can really be and
    of course… how hung!

    I started chatting initially just in regular chat rooms and got to
    know some guys. Mainly just the usual: "How old r u? Where u from?
    I'm hung! Wanna cam?!" Until one day when I started chatting with
    some guy I happened to come across. His name was Kevin, 25yo and
    described himself as tall dark and handsome. He said he had a great
    body and that most guys really liked his ass. And, most of all, was
    very oral! Had an 8 incher… like about 90% of the guys online… but
    there was something more to him than just sex. Couldn't put my
    finger on it but there was something else there. He was the first
    guy I had chatted with online that wasn't all about sex. He got to
    chatting about likes and dislikes, jobs, cars, movies, music, books,
    whatever… and not sex (well some sex… but not just sex). This was
    definitely a first for me. Started swapping emails, initially about
    3 times a week, then more like 3 times a day! I started giving him
    details of my live I thought I would never give out online cause a
    relationship had actually grown from chatting.

    One day I told him I was leaving for the gym and he asked me what
    gym it was. I told him and even described what times I usually go
    there and such. When I got there changed clothes and went off to do
    my usual workout. My gym is more of a spa than an actual gym. Very
    quiet cause few people actually use it. Most of the times, I'm all
    alone in the gym and in the locker rooms. Today wasn't the case…
    After my workout I was all sweaty and decided to hit the showers.
    When I got in the locker rooms I realized I wasn't alone. There was
    another guy there. He was just standing there in black tight boxer
    briefs, with his locker door open. When I walked in he looked up at
    me and just gave a nice friendly smile as if saying "hello". I was
    kinda startled because most guys that use the gym are middle aged
    and… well… not as attractive as this fine specimen! He had a darker
    tanned skin, short dark brown hair, big brown eyes and the sexiest
    smile I had ever seen. I could feel my heart melt while other parts
    of my body were doing quite the opposite! His body was really toned.
    Typical swimmer type, perfectly firm body, bubble butt and amazingly
    defined abs that bulged out of his abdomen. I could actually feel my
    breath deepening. After the initial "shock", I realized something,
    my locker was right next to his! I usually hated when they did that
    at the reception, but this time I was kind of glad. I could get to
    look at him more discretely. I walked over and said "Hi". He looked
    back at me and smiled.

    "Hard workout?" he asked

    "Yeah, sort of… just the usual…" I said trying not to seem nervous.

    "It is my first time here. Just going to try out the gym before
    considering becoming a member. Got any advice or complaint about

    "Not really, just depends on what you are looking for." I felt my
    face flush a bit when I realized what I had said… "If u want a hard
    workout u can get it here but since it isn't that much of a
    professional gym it might be more limiting to u. I usually come here
    to workout but also to chill out so to speak. Like the calm

    "Well I'm looking for something like that too" he responded

    "I can see u probably have some experience with gym considering your
    body" I said.

    Did I just say that! I don't even know him and I'm flirting with
    him! I got to be more careful man!

    "I mean… urh… I can tell u workout a lot…" I rectified with my face
    fully flushed now.

    "Oh yeah! Thx man! No need to be embarrassed… guys can compliment
    other guys! HA HA" he laughed and then winked at me!

    What just happened?… he took the compliment and winked at me… This
    might be a good time to point out I have NO GAYDAR whatsoever! What
    do I do now?

    As usual any other guy would probably jump at the opportunity, but I
    kinda froze. Just smiled back. Opened my locker and started getting
    my stuff out. Stripped to my boxer briefs and grabbed the towel
    getting ready to head off to the showers. I though to myself I was
    gonna have to masturbate in the shower. Have to say here that the
    showers are very private. Each with a different little room and a
    door separated from the rest. So when u shower, no one can actually
    see u.

    I locked the lockerroom door and put the towel under my arm when I
    looked back at him. I realized he was looking down, at my bulge. I
    admit I must have been sporting a semi at the time just for being
    around him. I mean, hot guy rite there, winking at me. And me…. A
    VIRGIN! Couldn't help it. When he realized he was looking he looked
    up at me and said: "U got that pretty full"

    I got kinda embarrassed and he noticed.

    "Sorry to embarrass u. I'm just saying… u must be pretty hung…
    probably bigger than anything I've ever seen."

    "Well I haven't had any complaints!" yeah rite!

    "Mind if I ask how big u are?"

    "Well… kinda akward… but I'm about 9 inches… but I get the bulge
    cause I'm pretty thick… maybe over 6 inches around"

    "Damn man! I'm about 8 inches and I get tons of looks from guys in
    the locker room! U must look HUGE!" he replied with a hint of
    excitement "I gotta let me see that man! Seriously!"

    "Well… actually u are the first guy to be so direct about it… I'll
    show u but u have to show me urs too!" I said, being a lil cocky
    about it…

    "Sure dude! I have nothing to be ashamed of. Well, until I see urs
    that is!"

    "Ok... here it is!" I dropped my boxer briefs and there it was. I
    was sporting a semi alright but this was a trick I had used before.
    Since my cock was kind of heavy, a semi hang so low it looked soft.
    His eyes opened wide and his mouth hanged there for a sec and then
    it finally came, the phrase I absolutely love hearing:

    "THAT THING IS HUGE!" he said gasping. "And it is still soft! Damn
    it!" he replied immediately without ever looking me in the eyes.

    "Time to pay up then… I got to see urs too!"

    He didn't even blink. His underwear just dropped without his eyes
    even glimpsing away for my cock. He was fully hard when I looked
    down. Had a perfect looking cock. I looked bigger than 8 inches and
    pretty thick too but what I really enjoyed about it was that is was
    straight like an arrow! A perfect cylinder just standing there
    waiting to be pleasured with a tiny drop at the slit. It was then
    that I realized… I don't need any gaydar for this! This guy really
    wants me… I've never actually felt such a vibe from a guy and I was
    clearly getting turned on.

    "Hey dude u are really huge! And thick! That left curve is great...
    makes u look even thicker!" Another awkward silence... And then
    finally the bomb dropped when he said: "You mind if I jack u off?
    I'm not gay or anything" he said "but I must feel great jacking off
    something that big!"

    I felt my face turning all the shades of red! "Hum... hum... well...
    no one has ever asked to do that to me man… I'm really kind of a
    private guy…"

    "Dude… just say yes… u won't regret it…" he replied with a grin on
    his face

    Tons of thoughts started passing through my mind… I'm a virgin and
    we all remember being virgins… I was really nervous… is it going to
    happen… do I want it to happen… I mean I don't even know this guy…
    do I want my first time to be with someone I don't even know… but he
    is so hot… I really want him… but I wanted someone I was comfortable

    He got closer to me, our naked bodies getting closer. I was starting
    to feel uncomfortable. I don't want to do this, I thought, not with
    him! I don't know him! No! This isn't going to happen…

    He leaned in closer and it looked like he was going to try and kiss
    me. I turned my face to the left and his mouth closed in on my ear
    and then he whispered:

    "Don't worry… it's me… Kevin!"

    I turned my face immediately! Could it be! But I looked in his eyes
    and I know he was telling the truth…

    "Kevin! Is that really u?!"

    "Of course it is, studly!" he replied.

    He said studly! He usually said that online! It was him for sure.

    "What are u doing here?! Why didn't u tell me u were coming?!"

    "And ruin the surprise?" he said while biting his lip on the left
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    As soon as he finished that question, instinct kicked in. We didn't
    say anything but our bodies got closer. My cock started poking his
    lower abdomen and eventually slides to his right side. His dick
    started poking me right in the balls so I twitched my hips and the
    slide to my right side too. My hands grab him by the waist and my
    arms soon surround his body. I feel his arms on my shoulder,
    wrapping around my neck and his hand caressing the back of my head
    and hair. I kept looking into his big brown eyes as our faces got
    closer, rite until they were out of focus. I can smell his skin,
    feel is breath. Our heads both tilt to our lefts and it finally
    happens. Our lips touch… they are moist. I feel his warm breath in
    my mouth and then the wetness of his tongue as I touch it with mine.
    I was making out with him! I was making out with Kevin! I thought I
    was going to lose it. I had never made out with a guy before. My
    hands caress every shape of his back finally going down and resting
    just above that amazing bubble butt.

    My hips start thrusting against his body. My cock bouncing off his
    toned abs. Then I stopped.

    "We can't do this here! What if someone comes in here?" I said
    startled at my own revelation. I grabbed him by his arm grabbed my
    towel and raced in the shower. There is a small bench in the wall of
    the shower. As soon as I got in he forced me down on it. He was
    between my legs. In front on me were his perfect abs with a little
    tight belly button. I couldn't resist so I start kissing it! He was
    hard like a wall covered in silky skin. I kissed his abs, licked his
    belly button and he laughed a bit saying it tickled.

    I looked up as he knelt down in front of me and grabbed my schlong
    with both hands and started jacking me off. First he started
    slowly... up and down... up and down... my foreskin uncovering and
    covering my head each time. "Nice big fat cock" he kept saying to
    himself. "Yes it is. Do u like it?... So do u like it, you SLUT?!"
    He looked up still with that grin and whispered "Yeah! This lil slut
    boy loves big fat cocks!"

    "Then prove it!" I said. "Oh I will!" he replied. His face got
    closer to my rock hard cock. I could feel his warm breath on it and
    my cock hardened even more. I felt like I was going to explode! He
    was going to blow me! I couldn't believe it! Finally I felt it. His
    wet warm tongue touched it! He started licking my cock from the base
    to the top, time and time again. He was driving me crazy. Then it
    was time to work on my balls. He licked them and then put them both
    in his mouth. The sensation of feeling my balls inside someone's
    mouth was amazing! He sucked on them and, while sucking, tugged on
    them releasing my balls from his mouth at the last moment, making
    a "pop" sound. He did this so many times I lost count and, just when
    I thought I was going to lose my mind, I felt his warm wet lips and
    mouth all over my dick. I started moaning and biting my lips. I
    could feel the back of his throat and hear the slurping sound from
    the mixture of his saliva and what must have been buckets of precum.
    His right hand started groping my balls, squeezing them harder and
    harder just enough to hurt (in a good way). His other hand would
    grope my pecs, pinch my right nipple and rub my abs. Blinded with
    pleasure, both my hands went around his head. I felt his hair
    between my fingers and I started forcing my cock deeper in his
    mouth. I could hear him gagging but he had his eyes looking straight
    at me, telling me not to stop, telling me to force him harder and
    harder. There was no cock outside his mouth! When I finally let go,
    he stopped sucking me and started gasping for air. I got worried but
    he looked up at me and grinned... HE LOVED IT! AND SO DID I!

    He started getting u and so did I. I turned his back towards me and
    slammed him against the cold shower wall. My body against his back.
    He raised his ass in desire and my cock went between his legs. I
    could feel his balls on my rock hard dick. I kissed his neck, bit on
    his rite ear and whispered to him: "I want u to be my first… I want

    I pulled my cock back and started rubbing it between the cheeks of
    his amazing bubble butt by thrusting my hips against him. All I
    heard between the moans was "Please fuck me! I can't take it
    anymore! Please FUCK ME! I want u IN ME!"

    I opened my bag and out it came, a Magnum XL condom. I always
    carried one with me… I know… just in case. It was the only one that
    I found that fit. I had tried average condoms and they just didn't
    fit. Too tight… too short… these one fit just right.

    "Wanna put it on me?" I asked. He turned immediately. I looked in
    his face and could see that desire had completely taken over him. He
    got on his knees so fast. Jacked me off a couple more times and
    finally ripped the packaging open with his teeth and unwrapped the
    condom on my dick. He then stood up and put his hands on the wall,
    and thrusted his ass against me. "Fuck me now! FUCK MY SLUTTY ASS!"
    he yelled out.

    I grabbed his waist with my left hand and my cock with my right
    hand. He spread his cheeks and I shoved it in. He was so tight! The
    head went in and then the rest started going in. I heard him moaning
    harder and faster. "So big! So huge!" he kept saying. My hands
    wrapped around his torso while I kissed his back rite in the middle.
    His skin was salty from the sweat. Instinctively, my right hand
    started pinching his nipple, then started groping his hard hard abs
    and finally grabbing hold of his rod that was hard as steel bouncing
    up and down with each thrust I gave in him.

    "Oh Kevin! U feel so good! So tight!" I said between my deep
    breaths. "U feel so good in me!" he replied. I took my cock out of
    his tight ass and turned him to face me. He put his arms around my
    neck and I felt his hands around the back of my head while I became
    making out with him again. He kissed so well. I felt his tongue
    exploring my mouth, our noses toughing and our dicks felt hooked on
    each other.

    My left arm grabbed his right leg and I hooked by the knee at my
    elbow and I inserted my rod up his ass again. He held himself up on
    my shoulders and I eased myself into him harder and faster. He was
    holding himself on the tip of his toes while I fucked him. Our
    foreheads touching while we looked deep in each others eyes. We were
    both crazy with desire. His hand grabbed the tap and turned on the
    shower and it was cold. Now our wet bodies were touching and out
    faces were dripping. I kept kissing him. I couldn't get enough of
    him. I kept grabbing him closer, I wanted his body in as much
    contact with mine a possible.

    "Get on the floor" I yelled. He laid down on his back and put his
    legs up in the air. "I'm ur bitch! Fuck me!" he said. I got on my
    knees and slide inside him and, with his feet over my shoulders, I
    thrusted myself in him as far and hard as I could. I moaned louder
    and harder. Until he was yelling and screaming: "Fuck me harder!
    Deeper!". I pressed my body against his legs until our faces were
    close I could kiss him. Our tongues licking each other while I
    fucked him.

    He moved me to stop and he passed one leg over my head and got into
    doggie position with my cock still in him. "Ride my like a pony!" he
    said. My arms wrapped around his body and I felt myself going deeper
    in him. He felt even tighter. U kept thrusting in until he looked
    over his shoulder and said: "I want to cum! I want to cum with u in

    My hand grabbed his dick and I started jacking him off faster and
    faster until I felt his cock tightening, his whole body contracting
    and he took a deep breath. He started screaming while he shot a huge
    load all over the floor what began to wash away from the water
    showering over us. But even after cumming he didn't stop riding
    me. "Now it's ur turn!" he replied while turning back on my cock
    towards me. He kept riding me faster and faster. All I could see was
    his grinning face and hear the sound of the water and me fucking me.

    "I'm gonna cum!"I yelled out. I took my cock out of his ass and
    knelt on top of him, with my knees just below his armpits. I felt
    his hands groping my ass cheeks. "Open wide!" and he started sucking
    me harder then he ever had.

    "NOW! NOW! NOW!" I yelled out. I could feel my balls contracting and
    my cock stiffening harder. "I'M CUMMING!". He took my cock out of
    his mouth and I started shooting all over his face, hair and the
    floor behind him. He started licking his lips trying to taste more
    of my cum. I slapped my cock against his face while I came. I shot
    over 10 times! I was amazed! Didn't know I could shoot so much!

    "So you liked ur lil slut boy?"

    "I LOVE my lil slut boy! Now let's get u cleaned up! U are a mess!"
    I said laughing.

    He started showering under the same showerhead. Even though we had
    just had sex, the sexual atmosphere was more than enough to keep us
    making out during the shower and our pós-orgasmic soft cocks rubbing
    against each other.

    After the shower we got dressed, with Kevin always making some sort
    of raunchy commentary...

    We both left the locker room, I passed the door first. As soon as we
    were going to separate, his hand pinched my right butt cheek. I
    looked back at him, he winked and said:

    "Guess i have a new workout partner..."

    "Oh yeah! I'll give you a good workout every week" *wink

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    Hi Great story :cool:
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    Promising story.
    It would b gr8 if u could
    pls not use netspeak.
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