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Discussion in 'Personal Ads' started by D_Yancy Yanksit, Sep 6, 2008.

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    May 16, 2008
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    This 44-year-old REAL, half-Italian East Cobb man is fit and fun; straight, safe and sexy; and attractive and articulate. Mired in a long-distance relationship for too long, I would love to spend time with one quality lady or MW.

    I have a lot to offer to remedy my--and your--carnal cravings. Physically, I'm clean and lean (6'4, 175), salt-and-pepper gray (mostly pepper)--and horny and well-hung (7.75 x 5.5). Sexually, I'm a receptive, giving, and versatile lover. Emotionally, I'm sensitive, understanding, and patient, and will abide to your wishes and desires.

    If what you have seen of and read about me piques your interest, do contact me. I have a face picture to exchange.
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