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Discussion in 'Relationships, Discrimination, and Jealousy' started by Owl, Dec 12, 2010.

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    I am curious to see what the folks on here make of a current situation I'm having at work.
    I've been at this new company since last year and always had an attraction to this guy who is a supervisor but not mine at that time though.
    Within' 4 months I moved up in the company and he became technically my supervisor. Now, before he did I did try to be friendly towards him and he always remained a cool distance with me. Then when he became my supervisor, he started to become a little more friendly with me. I just took it as him welcoming me to his group in a way.
    But then I'd always notice how he would look at me. Like once I was wearing these tight pants and yes although my bulge is not obscene, it's there for you to enjoy. I went up to him at his desk and i was standing next to him while he was sitting down and instead of looking at me, he glanced down at my bulge and he wasn't discreet about it either.
    I've heard rumours from other people that they think he's gay. I don't pay attention to rumours but after that incident I began to wonder. Through a mutual friend at work I did find out discretely that he doesn't have a girlfriend anymore and the one he did have was more like a sister/brother rleationship.
    Anyways, he's no longer a supervisor in my department and has moved to another area in the company that has nothing to do with me. I see him on occasion and still notice him staring at me. Like last time, I passed him on the hallway by the elevators and he was intently staring at me and giving me a smile.
    I'll admit that I'm still attracted to him but I'm not sure how to go about this. Whether to ask him out for a drink although we were never close enough to make that seem casual or to go slower and talk nonsense and get a number. What to do? What to do?
    I wish he'd be the one to make the move on me even though I feel he wouldn't be confident in doing that since I've been pretty cool with him ever since he became my supervisor.
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    Auron had a long-running thread about his crush on a supervisor; you might want to check out his thread.

    Off the cuff I would say that it's safer for you to find out more now that he's in a different department. Try to find out where he goes to hang out after work and show up there, perhaps. I don't know where you are and whether your local society lets open gayness show or not. Factor that in as well. Above all don't endanger your job, or his.
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