Auditioning men/women/couples for sci-fi/comedy/ in Tacoma, WA.

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    Auditioning men/women/couples for sci-fi/comedy/ adult film –
    We are a relatively new production company in Tacoma. And we’ve decided to have some fun producing an entry for the Stranger’s Hump 5 competition this year.

    *The finished piece will be around 5 minutes long.

    *The story is going to be sci-fi/comedy/erotic, not unlike Flesh Gordon (I actually had the opportunity to work on Flesh Gordon II, and we’re considering calling this Flesh Lives!)

    *We will be filming this in and around my house, and yours if you’re open to that, though mine does have the extra cool feature of having spaceship interiors in the basement and garage.

    *Only the lead villain in the story is cast.

    *The role of “Flesh” is open (Think Sam Jones or similar type).

    Auditions begin on the 11th & 12th (we will try to accommodate everyone's schedule) and throughout the month of July and into August. You must be at least 18 years old and have proof of I.D.

    Attractive couples are encouraged to audition! In addition to busty women and hot men, we are auditioning well endowed gentleman for our “Watchmen” gag.

    Please send a headshot and full body shot by email to begin the audition process.


    Producer Dave
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