Autoballers formula for minimal side effect, highly effective suppliment boosting!

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    I have always played with suppliments to increase my pleasure... i have tried things like tongkat ali, tribules, etc, others that may effect the natural release of testosterone. the problem with them is that they need to be cycled and can have some negative side effects.... my latest combo had really worked for me and has been effective with or without the previously mentioned compunds.....

    My weigh for your dosing information: 200lb
    Recipie and explination

    L-arginine 3000mg found at meijer in the body building suppliments section if you havent heard about this one you just arent looking

    Gaba: 750mg keeps you from busting too quick while edging/sexing/jerking

    Borage oil 1000mg with a high concentration of gla (now brand) with (240mg gla) helps with elasticity, also used as lube for jelqing

    B complex that specificly contains panothetic acid any brand will do, this will help more of the choline convert to the neurotransmitter acetocholine for better response.

    Citicoline cdp choline, (jarrow brand) 250mg/ and or
    Lecithin, which wont work as well because it's based on soy check the choline percentatge per pill.

    L-tyrosine 500mg

    one more ingredient really REALLLY boosted this combo!!!!

    Now up until this point is where i have been combining these items with the other things like tongkat and tribules, but..... without those items....

    >>>>>>>>>>>>I added Acetyl l Carnitine to that mix and WOW!!!! I got the natures bounty(at jewel) that contains 400mg carnitine and had alpha lipoic acid200mg in it as well<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< this suppliment had a noticeable and dramatic effect on erection strenght!

    After i looked into it Carnitine Is shown in a study to correct curves as well.

    Also with longer sessions from the gaba effects it gives me the ropes effect and i normally dribble!!!

    PS im chubby all day while on this!!!

    if you guys want to add to this research or have had any similar experience let me know i just wanted to share what worked for me since i've been messing with suppliments for about 7-9 years now
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    I heard there r biochemicals that restart puberty. help grow. u heard r know which ones
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