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Discussion in 'Politics' started by transformer_99, Oct 12, 2008.

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    Excite News - Tax rebate, food stamp money possible in aid plan

    $ 785 billion just wasn't enough, now another $ 150 billion is in the works and on the agenda.

    Everything but the real fixes for the economy. Prices need to drop on goods and services to fall back to real incomes. When people can afford to buy these, that's when we'll start to move back towards full employment. There's work for everyone, it may not pay as much, but in those cases it's why prices need to drop so that consumers can consume again.

    Just me, but you don't fix the issue of greed and the inflation that results by putting people in the unemployment line. And you don't announce to the same greedy people that you're going to pay everyone a tax rebate or economic stimulus and not expect more inflation. In 2001, Bush announced a tax rebate. Before anyone got a check gasoline prices rose that quarter for the most profits ever. Jump to Jan 2008, gasoline was around $ 3/gallon here, Bush announces the economic stimulus package, before we knew it gasoline was $ 4+/gallon. Nobody had received a single penny and prices shot up incrementally.
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