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    - My wife Sandy and I are in our mid 40s, and have been avid scuba divers for 2 decades. Having our sons off to college now, allows us to vacation without being chained to the public school's yearly vacation schedule. As swimmers, we both been able to maintain our physiques and health, while indulging in frequent dives and travel.

    Sexually, things have been good. We were married in our early 20s, and still monogamous. We've been through the Kama Sutra stage, the comfortable stage, and even the "spice it up" stage. I don't know how any other relationship works, but ours does. Even if a little odd Is a little odd: Sandy is pretty straight-laced during the day, really not interested in sexy talk, or spontaneous lovemaking. I'm always the one to initiate, and it's always a crap shoot on whether I'm reading her mood right and score, or completely miss the mark and she winds up annoyed and cold for a week or more. She says she hates porn, but let's me leave it on sometimes when we are starting a session. I've tried couples movies, tamer stuff, but she has no interest. However, when it's rough, the actors are vocal and hot, Sandy responds by fucking harder and wilder than ever. The next day, it's as if it never happened.

    The funny thing is that once the gears to her sex drive are engaged, it's a wild ride. One example is she says she sucks my cock because I like it, she only does it for my pleasure. But, I notice that it makes her extremely wet and 20 minutes of cock sucking makes for a more intense fuck later. She denies that she enjoys it at all, but her body (and her dripping pussy) cannot lie. Once, we were in a amazing 69 (which I love), she came so hard she almost bit my nuts off, she was screaming through clenched teeth to fuck her, just fuck her, but I never let up the tongue action on her clit while orgasm after orgasm wracked her body. I learned (painfully) to make sure no body part of mine was in her mouth when she approached orgasm, but to my eternal joy I found that I really enjoyed her wild uncontrolled licking and chewing on my taint (right up to the starfish). The first time that happened I shot 4 or 5 thick ropes of cum straight up in the air and onto her hair, back and up my chest to my face!

    Another example, years ago we were in bed and fucking doggy style, and had been for 30 minutes or so; I was just kind of enjoying the ride...suddenly I should feel things kind of click for her. I don't know if I was hitting the right spot, or she just relaxed or what, but she started grinding her hips and driving me back with each thrust. She became more vocal and started yelling "Fuck me! I can feel you deep. Oh God, fuck me yes!!!" I obeyed and drove her harder and deeper, until I bottomed out and then added a grinding motion to each thrust. My body responded to her energy and I grabbed her hips tightly. She started to come and come and I reached forward to pull her hair, and she came again. We changed positions a few times, each one wilder than the last. Dripping with sweat and exhausted, she complained that her pussy was getting sore (no kidding!) and to my surprise reached down and positioned my swollen cock head at her cherry ass. Despite her wiggling and tugging at my rod, we could not get it in, so I quickly grabbed some lube from the bedside and applied it to my cock head, shaft and her ass. Then, I used a slippy finger to penetrate her, she gasped and pushed down on my hand. As my finger passed her sphincter she gasped and shuddered, I added another and massaged her hole with lube, moving slowly in and out. After the third finger I felt her relax enough for my cock. At this point, I positioned my cock head at her opening and pushed gently, letting the mushroom head squeeze past her resistance. She gasped again and then impatiently pushed down on my cock, forcing it deep in her. I started moving my hips slowly.
    She asked "Is it in?" and I grunted "Yes, I'm fucking your ass." She said "How deep is it?" and I answered by pushing hard to the hilt and replied "all the way in." She moaned and her hips started meeting my thrusts, I pulled out almost to the end and pushed in deeply again and again.

    Anal is completely different kind of adventure. From my point of view, it's a tight muscular ring that grips my shaft, and then the silky interior that provides a delicate sensation to my corona and glans. More so it the physiological aspect, it's a major mind fuck. From the ability to be playing with her pussy and fucking her at the same time, to the emotional trust and acceptance, to the dominance aspect. Anal is like a very rich dessert: I'm not in the mood for it always, but sometimes it's the most mind blowing fuck I've ever had.

    "Harder!" she screamed, her hips rocking back faster and faster. "Beg me to fuck your ass" I tell her. "Please fuck me" she says. I slow down.

    "Beg me" I repeat, "Beg me to fuck your ass."

    "Fuck my ass" she says quietly, I respond by thrusting deeper and harder. "Beg me" I urge her. I reach around and stroke her wet, hard little clit.

    "Fuck my ass, I need to come, oh please fuck me harder, fuck my ass!!" she cries out, and I start thrusting harder and harder, deeper and deeper until she looses herself in orgasmic shudders and then comes, hard, again and again.

    "Oh god yes that's what I need!" and she trembles and bucks and rocks back and I can't hold back any longer, I grab her hips and thrust hard and deep, until by balls are beating against her clit with every forward stroke. Then, I feel the hot come burning in my cock and it shoots out in boiling jets, one after another, deep into her ass. She goes completely limp and tosses herself down on the bed, panting and barely holding onto consciousness.

    But this is the weird part: When she finally finished her orgasmic ride, she completely turns off, and even the next day when I'm still glowing from what we did the night before, she'll completely deny that 1) we did it, or 2) she enjoyed it. Over the years I've learned t approach sex like a hunter approaches a wary rabbit, slowly and as if it's not the focus of your hunt.
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