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    One of the funny little things I really like about my current job is that they have the best background music of any job I've ever had! (Some jobs had background music and some didn't).

    Over the PA they have piped in music from the 80s, and some of it is the popular stuff like Michael Jackson and Madonna, but they also play a lot of new wave and alternative, including some really obscure stuff I haven't heard in years! I find myself thinking "Ooh, I love this song!" quite a few times during the day.

    One job I had, I have a weird story about musically... They didn't pipe in any music, and they banned radios except for personal ones (like a Walkman) after two workers there, one who ONLY listened to country, and one who ONLY listened to metal, got into a fistfight about what music got played at work! I was like, sheesh, just take turns! :rolleyes: (But then this was the job where I worked with a bunch of people who would bully anyone who was NOT racist, too, so go figure...)

    Does your work place have music, either piped in or do people listen to the radio while they're working?
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