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    Tom and Bill are married to twin sisters.
    TOM: Hey, Bill- If I had sex with your wife would that make us related?
    BILL: Nope. . . but it would make us even!

    Jerry and Bob are two older gentlemen:
    JERRY: You know, sex with the old lady just isn't the same any more.
    BOB: Whaddya mean Jerry?
    JERRY: Well, the old girl is gettin' so loose down there that I can barely feel it when I stick it in her.
    BOB: Well, did you ever think about turnin' her over and using the other hole?
    JERRY: WHAT!!?? And get her pregnant?! No way!!

    BOB: I traded in the old lady for an outhouse the other day.
    JERRY: Why the hell would you go and do somethin' like that?
    BOB: Well, the hole was smaller and it smelt better.

    What has 4 legs and eats ants?
    My two Uncles!!
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