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    A man that supposedly he has too long flaccid-penis (11,03 inches-long flaccid-state) said in that he was placing his flaccid-penis externally of the underpants because he thinks that the underpants can cause damages to his penis, and besides he says that it is much more comfortable to have the penis hanging out of the underpants and to leave that it hangs along the leg that to support to the penis inside the slip.

    What do you think of all that?.


    NOTE: I have been trying for my proper means to making a Test or Survey to know the percentage of men who extract the penis out of the underpants for motives of comfort, for pretense or simply because it damages to them the underpants, but I could not have done the settings of the survey. I am not very acquainted with this Sistem of this Web Site. If some of you a survey wants to design about this topic (men who allow that their penises hang externally of the underpants) I am going to be extremely grateful.



    Are you one of these men who have the too long flaccid-penis and you allow that your flaccid-penis should go out of the underpants and it continues hanging along one of your legs?.

    Explains the reasons of why you do this:

    1.- Is for the health of your penis?.

    2.- Is for pretense, to give envy to other men?.

    3.- Or there are other motives for this?.
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