Batman&Robin (picture)

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    Batgirl: Where is your protective cup, Batman?
    Batman: Robin forgot his, I gave him mine.
    Robin: Then what about you? Your balls bulging under the pants seem much larger and more vulnerable than mine.
    Batman: Yes, but you are young and your genitalia is more useful. Your testicles are immature, you should protect them well for your future.
    Batgirl: But I am sure your balls are much more sensitive than Robin's! I remember last time I flicked your guys there by accident in the gym. Robin was all OK though I hit him harder than you. But you were totally agonized and bended on the ground groaning like an animal. There was even sperm seeping out of your shorts.
    Batman: It was not your fault, you didn't hit me. Any normal contact can make them sore. Actually the sore never stops especially on the right testicle which was injured when I was Robin's age.
    Robin: Dude! Why do you always put your cock up toward? If you put it down, it can cover your balls more or less. Now your balls are entirely exposed to the harms.
    Batgirl: Can't you see, Robin?! His penis is too short to cover his balls!
    Robin: Hey! Batgirl, you can't measure or judge a guy's cock when it's not erect!
    Batgirl: I don't think he can erect. Everytime I wait for his erection, it just get a little swell and sperms keep flowing out. Then any touch can make him cum. The cumming lasts for ten minutes. There is a litre of liquid at least flowing out and he is really agonized. After that he is totally soaked by his sweat and fell into a dead faint.
    Batman: Sperms never stop flowing out there since my testicles got this size. My testicles are still too small for the sperms to stay in. The endless pain feels like my testicles may explode anytime.
    Robin: A real MAN has big balls and splendid sperms but not large penis though he may not be able to satisfy ladies. Batman is too mannish that he is suffering from that.
    Batman: Yes, Robin, that's right. You are muscular now, you will be as mannish as me when you are mature. Never get injured there, or you will be painful as me now when you grow up. I will do everything I can to protect you in this fight. Check your cup and fasten it.
    Robin: Your cup is too big for me. It doesn't cover me perfectly, there is still much empty room in it.'s all wet and sticky inside, I think it's your sweat and sperm. I feel hard to walk with such a big stuff on my crotch. I think I should give it back to you.
    Batman: You don't! Though the Universal Law has prescribed that one should never attack a male fighter's testicles, our enemies in this fight are desperadoes who may do anything to us. Without a protective cup, any male fighter could be an unable man after this fight.
    Robin: Let's go! Can you ride your motorbike without your cup, Batman?
    Batman: Let me try... Ehhhhhhhhh......... My balls!
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    You have... forever distorted my image of Batman with this story... And that picture... talk about a dynamic duo... (took me about 30 seconds to come up with that one)
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