Bay area July 29th and 30th

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    Hey everyone,

    I'll be in the Bay Area (San Jose) next week and could probably play the 29th or 30th of July. I'm tall, blond, athletic, and 9X8 (verification pics on profile). Clean, smoke free, D&D free.

    I am 100% straight but have a lot of fun tag teaming a good looking woman. Not bi, not interested in oral from a guy, not curious (sorry).

    However, if you are a woman, a couple, or a dorm full of girls hit me up. A girl that's curious, drop me a line. Might be best if you host however I likely could. That's still TBD.

    Drop me a line and let me know what you'd like to do!

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    in my hand
    Go into San Francisco and up to BROADWAY.. Just of Broadway across street of Condor and 1 block down is Kearney Street. Only a few doors down is LUCKY LADY... you can enjoy yourself there. Being sure to have a couple bucks you can choose from a number of Booth Doors. All of them are stand up except the one at the end corner which has a sit down padded bench. Pop a few dollars into the Coin Mec and watch a door lifting opening your eyes to a room FULL of dancing Naked gals.. The longer your window view remains is almost a promise 1 ir 2 if the girls will walk up to your window. bend over or lift legs and clit kiss your window. They will stay until you unload a load...(cum) BUT up at the other end of the hallway across hall from dancing gals is a booth you can go 1-1 with a gal and yes the torture is the wall of glass...
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