Be careful what you wish for!!

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    bigdick04: There was once was this couple Rachel and Steven. Steven was a very well hung guy who liked Rachel. Steven loved to blow his load all over Rachel when she would give him head. Rachel loved it when he did that. Rachel was very nice looking great body and everything. Rachel was kinda curious what it would like to be a guy just to see what it was like to have a big penis and get to blow a load all over someone's face. Steven was curious to feel what is was like to be a woman and be able to taste a guy's load in his mouth. One day they were walking along a beach and they found a bottle and they picked it up and rubbed it and out popped a genie. He said they each had three wishes. So Rachel wished to be a man. And then with a poof she lost her breasts and she began to grow a penis and balls. Then Steven decided to wish he was a woman. SO poof he lost his balls and penis and grew a nice set of breasts. And then Rachel decides to make her penis and balls bigger and poof her penis becomes ten inchs and her balls become like grapefruits. THen Steven wants to make himself the sexiest woman ever and then poof he became drop dead gorgeous. Then they both decided to wish they had the power to change anything about them they wanted and the power was granted. Then they went home and Steven wanted have sex so of he could try out his new body. SO Rachel being the big man she was, she threw Steven on the bed and began to rip his clothes off. Then Steven says he wants to suck Rachel's dick and it was looking pretty good. So Steven unzipped Rachel's pants and out popped her penis and Steven took in his mouth and he began to suck and it felt great in his mouth. Rachel began to feel like she loved this new feeling. SHE Began to feel her body start to get tense and suddenly she blew her load in Steven's mouth. Steven loved and drank every drop of her cum......
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    I liked the story of a boy and girl swapping body's wish I could do that and have a pussy for a while
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