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How should Nedameire's Pet be trained with big cock?

  1. Nedameire's Pet should wear her leash, collar, and blindfold at all times.

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  2. Nedameire's Pet should work diligently at refining her deep throat skills.

  3. Nedameire's Pet should experience two big cocks at once.

  4. Nedameire's Pet should do all the above and anything else Nedameire asks of her.

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    Apr 20, 2010
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    My incredible, luscious wife and I want to broaden our sexual experience by finding a well-hung man for her to service while I watch or possibly participate in a MFM threesome. I am straight and would enjoy watching my wife suck and fuck another large, thick cock. She and I would both be turned-on by her submitting to a man who is at least 7.5 inches long and at least 5.5 inches in circumference. She fantasizes about being told what to do, while wearing her collar, leash, and blindfold. She is wonderfully pierced in her nipples and labia. She is genuinely beautiful and exudes a truly, sensuous aura. We are here to find a clean, well-hung gentleman, who has class and character. If you meet these requirements, and are willing to provide us with proof of being drug and disease free, you may have the opportunity to be sexually serviced by a woman who performs unbelievably orally and desires to be penetrated deeply and forced to orgasm repeatedly. We are hopeful in finding a clean, straight male, who understands, that if he meets our requirements, he will have access to using a woman who will worship your well-hung cock and is turned-on tremendously by doing what she is told to do.

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