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    OK, for some reason my 'Beautiful Women of Italy'/'Proud to be an Italian Stallion' website started getting ALOT of traffic at the beginning of this month... I think I got 4000 hits in one day, and where most months I would only use 150MB of bandwidth by the end of the month, I had used 800MB by septmber 5. I guess this raised some red flags at Tripod, because my account was deleted two days ago for 'Violation of TOS' (I had various pics of Italian women in various states of nudity I had collected from the web, and pics me baring my 'Italian Stallion.' As I took pains to note, this was not meant to be pornographic, but rather I displayed my size as an expression of pride in my Italian heritage. I guess they didn't see it the same way. )

    Should I just try to start my Tripod site over again? I have all the files, and could easily set it all back up. Should I put it on another free hosting service, perhaps one more permissive of nudity (which I'm guessing is how I violated TOS.) I was also running up against Tripod's 10MB limit, so is there another host that has more filespace for their users? Or am I screwed and should just pay for my own webspace.

    Thanks, and God bless you,
    Tony DiPonio
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    Personally, it's better to pay for a decent server, than to get a crappy free one with tons of strings attached.
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