Benefits of working at the country club

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    I was nineteen, it was a hot summers day and the club was getting close to closing. I was out by the pool getting ready to cover it for the night. There weren't too many people left at the club, so I decided to take a look in the ladies locker room from outside. If you climb this tree you can see perfectly inside. Oh damn there she was, a beautiful woman in her thirties or so massaging lotion on her titties.This got my cock rock hard, so I pulled it out and started jackin a little bit. Then out of no where a guys voice said," Hey what are you doing up there?" I told myself ,"Oh shit I can't believe I am busted". Not only busted but busted by the womans husband Mr. Smith. He knew his wife was in there and I had no ideal he was in the spa outside. He asked me,"Were you peeping on my wife?" I told him I was sorry, and begged him to not tell on me. I even cried a little, because I really loved my job and didn't want to get fired. He told me to go to the locker rooom and he'll talk with me there. I waited and he finally came in. He said,"What are we gonna do about this?" I said,"Mr. Smith I'll do anything, just don't tell anyone." He said,"Anything huh!"He took his shorts off and started changing in front of me (which I thought he was telling me to suck his cock), he was a beautiful man. I immediately got down on my knees and offered to blow him, he told me no at first, and was surprised. I asked him if Mrs. Smith sucked cock really good, he said,"definitely not". I told him to give me a chance and he would not regret it. He still was unsure, but his cock was telling me different. I could see his uncut cock glistening with anticipation and growing with every word we spoke. I got closer and he finally inserted his cock in my mouth slowly and hesitantly. He finally gave in, grabbed the back of my head and started thrusting his meat in and out of my mouth. His precum was the perfect lube as his balls would slap my chin with every insert. I was so fucking hard and he was getting close to dumping his load. Finally he started to grunt and moan, and I could feel his cock and balls start to tighten. It was heavenly when his first shot hit the back of my throat, I instantly blew my load in my shorts, as the rest of his cum filled my mouth spurt after spurt...after spurt. I could feel every contraction from his cock and every spurt on my tongue. His cock was swollen and eventually went limp in my mouth. That's when I pulled it out looked up at him with my mouth wide open, showing him his man seed in my mouth and swallowing it all before his very eyes. He was amazed at how good I sucked cock and said," I need to get to the club more often." I told him I'll be here every Friday and Saturday night". I needed to get up to the front desk quickly to help close. When I went up there I saw Mrs. Smith and I felt so uncomfortable, then Mr. Smith came out and they both said good night before walking out the door. That was a weird sequence of events and almost got my ass in a sling. Needless to say I was on the hook now to suck Mr. Smith's cock on a regular basis now at the club....but I didn't care it was tasty and filling, plus he was hot. I jusut wish I could have had Mrs. Smith join us at some point, but that never happend. I would often think of how his cock was in her pussy and now it's in my mouth. Eventually I moved on from the club to other opportunities, but I will never forget the taste of Mr. Smith's cock and cum. The taste of a real man in my mouth...fucking my mouth.
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    Any more to this story? It's great!
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