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Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by Imported, May 29, 2004.

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    chgobigdikluvr: Hey guys (and gals)! Who do you nominate as having a particularly outstanding penis from this site?

    My vote goes to ERICBEAR. I had the good fortune to meet him earlier today, and his endowment is just absolutely unbelievable! :p He is amazingly thick, and is comparable in size to his own wrist (and he is not a waif). We both measured for interrater reliability. :D His shaft is at its thickest point halfway between the base and cockhead, and the engorgement in this area is so telling of his level of arousal. There is also a most interesting swelling at the point where the cockhead ends and the shaft begins. I suspect that he is naturally "puffy" in this area, but became even "puffier" from much use (he is attending the International Mister Leather event here in Chicago and has been quite the popular one ;) ). His girth makes him tremendously challenging to deepthroat. Of course, being the big cock aficionado that I am, I gave it my best shot. At first, I could only throat him so much, and literally had to use my hand to stuff the remainder of his cock into my mouth in order to take him all the way in. After a while, however, I got to "know" his cock better and figured out exactly how to align my mouth to swoop down on his cock all the way to the base. I need to mention that his cock is very responsive, and will vacillate from a fully erect to a semi-hard state quite quickly (which I personally love). In hindsight, it was advantageous that his cock was not raging hard during my first dedicated and devoted attempts to deepthroat him; otherwise, had it been fully engorged from the beginning, it would have been physically impossible to swoop him to the bone.

    In addition to his endowment, ERICBEAR impressed me as a genuinely nice man. He was very generous in offering me his endowment, and pretty much let me orally explore his cock to my heart's content. He was also very patient and laid-back, which I'm certain had an impact on my oral cavity's ability to accommodate him.

    My only regret about this experience was that we were not able to capture this special moment on film. Perhaps we'll need to do a "reshoot"? :rolleyes:

    I am sharing this incident to the LPSG community with his knowledge and consent.

    Who else on here has a personal story to share about a fellow LPSG member?

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    We've all got equally lovely wee wees...but failing that, mine is best.

    ...I am just KEEEEEDING! Ay los mios!
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