Best Sex of 2011?

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    I'm curious to know about other people's sexual highlights for last year. I've got a lot. Two of mine are in first place. The first was going to West Side Club in NYC last month and getting pounded by a big-dicked Colombian. He slapped me, spit on me, spanked me, shoved his fingers in my mouth and completely controlled me. It might sound bad but, as a dude, I crave that testosterone-fueled, aggressive fuck session from time to time. I'm totally versatile but, when I top, I'm not as dominant and balls-to-the-wall forceful as he was. I fuck like a boyfriend, kinda like this dude:

    Real Ex GF Sensi Pearl -

    The second was being blindfolded while I took 8.5 cut inches of white dick from a 20-something who lived in my neighborhood. We'd get together every once in a while. Very hot guy, but just liked having me already blindfolded when he arrived. Lot of trust to do that shit.

    Oh damn. There's a third, too. Basically, anytime I hook up with my buddy Jason, it's like boyfriend sex. I love fucking him on his back and kissing him while I sink into him balls deep, all the way through his second hole. Nobody takes my dick the way he does. If he were a chick, we'd have a little black, redheaded kid running around.

    The runner-up was sharing pussy with a local married couple :0)
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