Best Tea Party Pick-up Lines

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    Best Tea Party Pick-up Lines

    1. My federally-protected wetlands are now open for drilling
    2. If you dress like a Freedom Maid we can Freedom Kiss while I pull on this Freedom Tickler. Wee wee?
    3. I can only perform if you rip up a photo of Darwin
    4. you look like a white Michelle Malkin so meet me in the back of my truck
    5. Hey baby doll, you and I have a rendezvous with destiny. Your shining city on a hill or mine? *LOL! :)
    6. "I cry like Glenn Beck when I think of us being apart."
    7. you know i like washing eveything with bleach. sometimes i just want the colored to be white too.
    8. I'm into you like the bullets in McCain
    9. You read the newspaper today?? Well the word of the day is legs you tryna come to my house and spread the word??
    10. Glenn Beck is the real Founding Father & he happens to be my own, personal Jesus Christ. We can find him, tonight.
    11. If you like small government, I've got something else really small to show you ...
    12. That three wolf moon shirt is hot. It really goes with your mullet.
    13. Darlin' you can taste my teabags anytime. If you can find 'em..."
    14. "I think the first black president is the closet thing to hitler ever! now lets have sex"
    15. Hey baby, I can see Russia from my house.
    16. Usually, women laugh when I tell them I'm a Minuteman.
    17. Wanna see my paintings of an eagle crying over the New York skyline on 9/11?
    18. "Baby....all these other tramps Palin comparison to you *wink*"
    19. "I like Bush."
    20. Your really not to good lookin. Let me throw a flag over your head and we will do it for our country!
    21. "Don't make a mess on my sheets...I have to wear them at a rally tomorrow."
    22. It looks like a baby's arm holding a tax cut.
    23. *slides foot under adjacent stall* *waves hand under stall* *clears throat*
    24. Help find my Weapons of Mass Destruction
    25. "Let me ask a reasonable question for unreasonable times... are those things real?"
    26. You had me at being 50 pounds overweight in sweat pants and ur mispelled socialism sign
    27. Baby, can you whisper "invade their countries, kill their leaders, and convert them to Christianity" to me?
    28. Forget the Four Horseman, I'm hung like the horses.
    29. Ohh baby, I love chicks with mullets.
    30. Lets make war, cuz jus like Bush once Im in you I'll never leave.
    31. Oooh honey....How bout I give you some cash for your clunker.
    32. How about we have a nice candlelit dinner, then get naked and wait til we're married?
    33. So umm... I hear the bag part goes like this...
    34. Hey baby, I bet you know your way around a lynch mob.
    35. I hear Boston has the best parties.
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    Johannesburg, South Africa
    We'll have English Breakfast in the morning, but first let's enjoy my Earl Grey in your Honeybush all night...
  3. Pitbull

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    You know there are democrats at these Tea Parties.
    Maybe you can pick up one.

    Use this variation on #19 - "I like Bush and you'll love my bush!" :wink:
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