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    Excite News - AIG lawyer: Ex-top exec plundered retirement plan

    I'm certain we'd all be better off without this one on the planet ? Madoff had his $ 50 billion Ponzi scheme and now this one at AIG. OK, let me be the guy, if we can find someone that would give him the death penalty, I'll pull the switch on the electric chair. Oh, what the heck, let me sentence the @ssh*le too. How does this economy ever recover from these people. It'll never stop with them. Pardon my frustrations, but this kind of news really p*sses me off when this other story hits the headlines:

    Broward lays off almost 400 teachers - Breaking News -

    I know that nobody is guaranteed anything, but the looting has got to stop with these CEO's. I can't imagine any rationalization of it that would swing me to buy into anyone telling me this is the cream of the crop when it comes to business, much else anything else he's ever done. Just a liar and cheater on a whole different level of warped beyond correctability ? This one is terminally broken, you can't fix this one, this one will never right itself, the evil that it is, it must be destroyed before it ruins the rest of us. Everything he might have ever earned forthright or dishonest, must be taken away from him (and anyone else he's laundered it thru in an effort to hide it and keep it for themselves) and returned to those whom it rightfully belongs.
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