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    It's been a long time since the last time I posted here, but I need your help, girls.

    My gf and me watched on TV last saturday a documentary of this american sex educator (Betty Dodson) in which she taught some ladies how to reach an orgasm.

    We didn't know her until that day (she is not very famous here in Spain), but her advises seemed to be very helpfull to increase a woman's pleasure.

    Despite that documentary was so censored, I've read that she has a lot of uncensored videos with a lot of technics for women. Do you know where can I find them?

    I've tried to buy them through Amazon and that kind of pages, but these are not Region 2 DVDs. Moreover, we'd obviously prefer free downloads.

    Thank you very much, and excuse my (poor) English skills.

    P.S. My girl will be full of gratefulness too.
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