Beware of CCLR (Channel 1 Releasing) they keep on charging your credit card

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    More than 1 month ago I had subscribed to Channel 1 Releasing ( and (as I always do) immediately cancelled in order to avoid further charges.
    As opposed to other websites, if you want to cancel a subscription you have to write an e-mail because they provide no direct link to cancel the subscription or a link to providers like for example ccbill.
    Still it seemed to work, as I received from them an e-mail where they confirmed the subscription was cancelled and I would have been no longer charged.
    Nonetheless a few days ago I have found in my credit card statement a new charge for 24.95 dollars.
    I have written but no reply yet (at least not as quick as the first reply was).
    So I have to send a fax to my bank in order to stop further charges.

    Don't make the same mistake I did (and I had subscribed to many porn sites...!).
    Also note that my prepaid debit card didn't work on , so I was so stupid that I decided to use my 'normal' Master card, which I rarely use online and never for porn sites.

    I should spank meself.... :redface:
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