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Bi Guys

Discussion in 'Ask a Bisexual Man' started by kallum00, May 29, 2019.

  1. kallum00

    kallum00 Admired Member

    Mar 26, 2018
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    England (GB)
    From my experience, Bi men tend to have larger dicks overall than just "regular" gay men or straight men. Does anyone know why that may be. I think it could be because they may have more confidence to experience different situations but also almost a cockiness that comes with large penis's.
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  2. latinluva

    Gold Member Verified

    Jul 31, 2009
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    Well, I'm sorry....but I differ in opinion. I believe that we men are bisexual #1 How our minds interpret sexuality. For example, I am usually turned on by an individual mentally. The way they act, carry themselves and a lil bit on looks. Hygiene is very important also. #2 Our past sexual experiences shape our future sexual relationships. #3 Last, it's always better to add to a list of partners than to limit yourself to just one type or one gender. The more, the more sex you'll have. With men, I can be submissive, with women...dominant. With women, I have to worry about love, child support (maybe) and periods. Men, just STD's (women too) but you get my point. Look, someone else may come on here and differ with me, and they could be right.....we all might have different reasons. But penis size is not correlated to sexuality.
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  3. 933295

    933295 Guest

    This has been true in my situation although I haven't had much experience with gay guys. I used to suck dick with straight guys when I was younger but my dick was a lot bigger than any of them. The bi guys I've been with are generally friends so I knew they had big dicks before we had sex.
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