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    It had been months since Leo and Betty had had a poke. It was boredom that
    kept them from having a roll in the hay. After thirty years of marriage,
    sex seemed a little stale.

    And then one day their sex lives took an unexpected turn. They picked up a
    young hitchhiker whom they found to be very personable and interesting.
    However, Leo got a big shock when he looked in the rear view mirror and saw
    that the young man was playing with himself through his flimsy shorts. He
    didn't know what to think. A part of him was shocked, and outraged and
    wanted to stop the car and tell the young man to get out. Another part of
    him felt strangely excited.

    Leo nudged Betty and mentioned her to look back. When Betty looked back she
    gasped. The young man now had his hard red knob out of the side of his
    shorts. Betty looked at Leo and Leo was shocked by the desire that he saw
    written all over her face. It had been almost thirty years since he had
    last seen that look. The atmosphere in the car was totally charged and Leo
    felt his own cock start to stir.

    On impulse he drove off the road and pulled into a field. He cut the engine
    and pulled out his own pale cock. It was now fully at attention and when he
    pulled back the foreskin the sensitive head was flushed a delicate pink; a
    drop of cock juice glistened in the piss slit. Betty reached over and took
    Leo's cock in her hand.

    'Man, that's hot.' came a voice from the back seat.

    Both Leo and Betty blushed.

    'Suck his cock, Betty.' Max spoke again.

    Betty looked at Leo. He licked his lips and winked at her. Both felt so
    incredibly turned on. Betty lowered herself onto her husband's slender cock
    and it slid easily into the back of her throat. She could not remember when
    last it tasted so good.

    'Give it to her Leo.' Max directed.

    Max slipped off his shorts and started wanking his hard dick. His big red
    balls bounced about on the seat. The sight of Leo's slender, pale cock - so
    different than his own -sliding into Betty's warm mouth, got him really
    hot. He couldn't decide which of the couple he wanted first. Leo glanced
    back and caught sight of Max's big cock. The idea of seeing that cock slice
    into Betty's wet box made Leo's cock lurch in his wife's mouth.

    Then suddenly Max leaned over and started sucking on Leo's ear lobe.
    'What are you doing?' Leo was shocked.

    'Betty broke off her sucking to watch.

    'That turns me on!' she told Leo.

    'Really?' he asked. He had no idea what turned Betty on for she never
    talked about it.

    'Yes! I want to watch you suck his cock.' Betty replied.

    'I can't do that!' Leo protested.

    'You'll do it for me, won't you?' Betty pleaded.

    'Of course he will.' Max said as he slid his hand into Leo's shirt and
    played with his nipple.

    Leo had never even once thought about having sex with a man up until today.
    When he saw Max playing with himself he had been excited, but the
    excitement was more to with the idea of Betty and Max getting off together.
    And now here he was with a man sucking on his earlobes and playing with his
    nipples. And his wife wanted him to suck this man's cock. It was all too
    wild and, Leo had to admit, somewhat thrilling.

    Betty broke off her blow job and climbed out of the car. Leo and Max
    followed her. The three of them lost no time in getting rid of their
    clothes. Betty lay down on the hood and Leo sank his hungry cock into her
    sopping cunt. She was so wet and warm in the midday sun. A cooling breeze
    blew on Leo's meaty butt. And then his head began to swim as he felt a pair
    of rough hands part his cheeks. A hot tongue followed soon after and slid
    into his butthole. This was something Leo had never experienced before.

    His breath caught in his throat at that first contact. It was the most
    sensational thing he had ever experienced. He was torn; a part of him
    wanted to drill deep. Another part of his wanted to push his butt into the
    air so Max could get better access. Leo's cock swelled up to its maximum
    proportions and he was in danger of shooting his gun. Max suddenly grabbed
    his hips and pulled him clear out of Betty. He spun him round and gobbled
    up Leo's cock.

    Leo had to steady himself by grabbing hold of Max's head. Betty was not a
    patch on this young stud when it came to eating cock. He took all the
    inches that Leo had to offer and milked him with the back of his throat.
    Then he came up for air and ate Leo's fat, smooth balls. His finger sought
    out Leo's spit slick asshole and slid into it. Leo cried out loud and shot
    his cream all over Max's hair.

    Betty still lay spread eagled on the hood of the car. Max stepped up to her
    now and sank his big hard knob into her waiting gash. She let out a wild
    yelp as she took all of his big tool. Leo came round to watch. It was just
    the sexiest thing had ever seen and his own cock soon inflated. Betty
    reached for Leo's cock and gobbled it up. He reached over to play with her
    hard nipples. They stood like mini space rockets, ready to blast off at any
    second. Leo alternated squeezing them hard and soft, the way she liked it.
    Her own hand worked at pleasing her clitoris. Soon she was moaning like an
    animal on heat. Leo dropped a second load in his wife's mouth when she had
    her third orgasm in a row.

    Max pulled out of Betty. His cock was still fully erect as he lay down on
    the hood next to Betty. They shared a tender kiss as Leo went round to
    Max's side. He took his first cock into his hand and enjoyed the feeling of
    this much larger cock. It was still coated with Betty's juices and slid
    easily up and down in Leo's hand. Then it was time to do the deed. Leo
    opened wide and took that cock into his mouth. Once it was in his mouth it
    was as if he was born to this. Leo loved it! He could not get enough. Happy
    little sounds gurgled in his throat as he fed on cock.

    His brought a hand up to Max's balls and began to play with them. It felt
    incredibly good. He slid his hand behind Max's balls, into his sweaty
    crack and sought out his little hole. The texture and heat of it, as his
    finger slid in, was really exciting. He worked his finger around in Max's
    tight chute and unknowingly pushed a button. Max exploded in Leo's mouth,
    flooding it with thick, creamy cum. Leo guzzled it down, like it was the
    sweetest nectar on earth. And in that moment in time it was.

    Copyright Daniel Blue Daniel Blue Tales: gay and bisexual erotic stories:
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    cool story dude!
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