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    Sep 22, 2006
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    This is a story about massively girls and the adventures of Brad a hugely hung stud who just happens to own a shop dedicated to servicing the needs of women with massive breasts. Enjoy and please leave a comment......

    Ch 1

    After many months of asking, not to mention more than the odd sexual favour, I finally relented and agreed to my wife's desire to open a boutique lingerie shop, something she had long wanted to do but never got around to. This was no ordinary shop but then again my wife was no ordinary wife. Cathy was an extraordinarily women, outgoing, passionate and loving not to mention the owner of a massive set of tits set upon a small waist and toned legs.

    Cathy had a good brain for business and a body that would make any customer go weak at the knees. Her plan was to open a boutique lingerie shop that catered for the well endowed lady. Her desire to open such a shop came about from her own experience where she found it difficult to find bras to fit her own 44FF tits. She would often return frustrated and furious from shopping having yet again failed to find a bra that fit.

    One night after yet another failed days shopping we were watching a porno movie featuring hugely endowed women, my favorite, and she asked where do all these girls get there bras! It was then that the idea struck her, why not open a boutique which solely catered for women with huge breasts.

    That was six months ago. Last week Cathy opened her new boutique – Bodacious Bods. I worked nearby at an energy corporation and loved the fact that I could drop by and visit Cathy and see how she was going. One of the benefits of this was that I could catch up with the two girls Cathy had hired as sales reps. Marissa a cheeky 21 year old blond who sported a massive 44 GG rack and Chloe a 28 year old brunette who stretched the tape at 40EE. Cathy had recruited well which given my conditions for her opening the store made me a happy man. Cathy had agreed that if I allowed her to open the store I could have my way with the hired helped when ever I wanted to provided they were happy to participate.

    Feeling like a change of scenery I wondered down to Bodacious Bods to see how business was going. As it was a bit quite I engaged Marissa in some small talk before she offered to show me some of the newest bras that had just arrived from Europe. We went into the back change room as Cathy and Chloe attended to some wickedly endowed young ladies.

    As Marissa pretended to be shy and turn her back to me to cover here massive tits as she put on the first bra I felt a massive hard on growing in my pants. The twist was that Marissa thought that she was the only one in the change room with something huge to hide. The fact was that Cathy married me after she found out that I was as massively endowed downstairs as she was upstairs.

    I quietly dropped my pants and as Marissa turned around to show me the latest in red push up lace bras for the massively stacked her jaw dropped as her eyes focused on the massive bulge in my boxers. What the fuck is that! Cathy has never told told us that you were huge as well. Without a further word she dropped to her knees and unleashed my massive cock.

    With puppy dog eyes looking up at me she quietly mouthed the words – how big? Tempted as I was to tell her the sight of the measuring tape used by the girls to measure the size of the tits of the customers hanging on the change room hook caught my attention and I invited Marissa to measure it for herself.

    Now fully hard I stoked my massive cock to its full extension as Marissa prepared to measure it. Slowly Marissa rolled out the tape. As she passed 8 inches her hand began to shake as she realized that she was not even close to the end. As 10 inches came and went Marissa pale. Finally she reached the end, looked me in the eye and said with a rye smile, my god you have a 13 inch cock! And you my love have the most awesome set of tits I've ever seen.

    Now what a perfect set, a 13 inch cock and a set of 44GG tits. It was only then that Marissa noticed my huge set of balls but then again I have found most girls find it hard to look at other things when confronted by a 13 inch cock, rock hard and dripping precum. Marissa removed her bra like a pro to unleash a set of tits to die for with rock hard nipples protruding in a highly erotic manner. She proceed to wrap her tits around my cock and began to tit fuck me like there was no tomorrow. As my cock protruded from her tits she wrapped her luscious glossed lips around the head of my cock and tried to suck the life out of me. After a few minutes she lent back cupped my balls in one hand as she worked the other up down my shaft of my cock her fingers painfully stretching to wrap themselves around my piece of meat. Delirious with sexual excitement Marissa let fly with a verbal barrage likening my cock to her own forearm which as she held it in one hand and measured it against her own forearm was in fact a true statement, it was as thick and as round as her arm. I teased her and told her that shortly I would be fucking her with a cock she has only ever dreamed of.

    After 5 minutes of a glorious tit fuck cum blow job the time had come for Marissa to feel the full magic of my massive cock. I turned her around, tore her G string from her rock hard tanned butt and with one movement slammed my cock into her moist dripping pussy. Even at 13 inches and 9 inches round she was so wet it went in like a hot knife in butter without hardly a whimper, well at least the first 10 inches did. In no time at all I was into a rhythm as she pounded my cock with her fabulous butt. As she yelled out "do me with your huge cock, fuck me with your horse cock you big stud." As I pounded away she continued to encourage by saying "that's its fuck me good and hard, give me all of that massive cock"

    One of the advantages of doing this big titted beauty in a change room was that there were mirrors all around us so I had perfect view of her massive rack as it bounced around in unison with my thrusts. As I prepared to slam the full length of my gigantic member into her she let out a scream, a low guttural scream just loud enough to catch the attention of Cathy and Chloe who had just finished wrapping a few bras for the big titted ladies. Finally Marissa could hold back no more and she started coming and yelling "oh my god, its so fucking huge, keep fucking me with your massive cock. Give it all to me, oh fuck I'm coming. You're splitting me in two with your massive cock!"

    There arrival at the change room coincided with me extracting my cock from Marissa's pussy As she turned around to receive the hugest load of cum all over her beautiful face and massive tits. Stream after stream of hot cum flew from my cock to completely cover her beautiful face and tits. Finally after a dozen of massive shots I was done. Marissa just looked at me and said wow, to think I still have four more bras to show you!

    Cathy and Chloe were stunned. There was Marissa covered in cum and me with my 13 inch cock swaying in the breeze. The cum was still dripping from her erect nipples as Cathy announced a deals a deal I suppose, I just thought that I might have that monster to myself a bit longer. Poor Chloe was on her knees gasping at the site of a cum soaked Marissa. Her chest heaving but her feelings obvious as with one hand she played with her nipples while she sucked on her other hand.

    Marissa still trying to come to grips with being showered with her boss's husband's cum tried to apologize to Cathy hut she would have none of it. She simply asked Chloe to put up the closed sign at the front door and suggested we all head back to our house for some drinks.
  2. badboy182

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    Sep 22, 2006
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    Queensland (AU)
    Ch 1 Cont

    After closing the shop up for the day the five of us headed back to our place to continue the action. Cathy drove, Marissa sat in the passenger seat with left Chloe and me to get to know each other in back seat of the BMW.

    Chloe had undone her shirt so that I had a perfect of her tits and it was while playing with her nipples through her bra that I remembered that I had an appointment in 30 minutes back at the office. I grabbed my mobile and called my secretary, a flat chested ultra conservative young lady called Beth.

    As Beth answered the phone a wicked smile came over Chloe's face as she reached around undid her bra strap and then unbuckled my pants and pulled them down to reveal my semi-hard cock. Chloe obviously wanted to have a bit fun and as I talked to Beth back in the office Chloe began to give herself a tit-fuck by sliding her massive tits up an down my shaft. As I was about to hang up Chloe quietly whispered in my ear to keep Beth on the phone as she wanted to bring off as I spoke to Beth.

    As Beth ran through my next weeks appointments Chloe continued to fuck me with her tits. Marissa had now turned around and was providing her own encouragement and Cathy was having trouble keeping her eyes on the road. When Chloe placed her mouth of the head of my cock as it protruded through her cleavage I couldn't help but catch my breath.

    "What the fuck is going on there?" demanded Beth

    "I'm in a tight squeeze at the moment and won't be back in for the rest of the day."

    I hung up so that I could focus my full attention on Chloe who was now wanking my 13inch prick with both hands. Marissa had taken to giving a running commentary so that Cathy didn't feel left out. I could feel a familiar aching in my huge balls as Chloe attempted to cup them in one hand. This was never really going to work but I commended her for her efforts while she continued jerking me off.

    The sight of this buxom beauty taking 12 inch strokes of ,y glistening cock was almost too much. I felt that an explosion was imminent at any moment.

    "Do it babe, jerk that monster off, make him cum everywhere!" yelled Marissa.

    That set off a chorus as the girls started chanting "cum cum cum cum cum.."

    I invited Marissa to join us in the back seat to which she gladly agreed. She climbed over and sat on my left and immediately placed her mouth of the head of my cock as Chloe continued to stroke me.

    "Hey let me give you a hand there," offered Marissa.

    The next thing I knew I had both girls jerking me off in complete unison. They giggled to themselves still not believing that here they were in the back seat of a BMW jerking off the 13 inch cock of there bosses husband.

    After a few minutes I couldn't hold back any longer as I felt the cum travelling up my huge shaft and I started blowing a massive amount of cum. The first shot caught Chloe on the face, the second missed her and hit the roof while the next smacked into Marissa's tits.

    "What about me, I don't I get any?" demanded Cathy.

    "You sure do," replied Chloe.

    Who was continuing to wank me off and aimed my cock which was still firing huge strings of cum in Cathy's direction.

    "Oh my God!!" exclaimed Cathy as a huge blast of cum hit the windscreen in front of her.

    Marissa took over and continued to pump my shaft and I returned the favour by blowing more cum onto her nipples she which eagerly massaged into her heaving breasts.

    That was me done and as I looked around I saw the damage down. Chloe, covered in cum was licking her tits clean, Marissa was wiping cum from her pretty little face, cum was dripping from the roof and Cathy was busily wiping cum from the windscreen so she could see where she was going.

    I just laid back and rested knowing that we were nearly home and the day was not yet over.

    There are lots more Big Bra Shop adventures to come so let me know if you want them posted.
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    This is very good ! ....
    I can't wait to read more ! .....

    I always can appreciate a pearl necklace.....or 2....or 3...
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