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Big Dick Needs Worship

Discussion in 'Personal Ads' started by 1798131, May 31, 2019.

  1. 1798131

    1798131 Guest

    looking for a worshiper for my cock,
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  2. 1798131

    1798131 Guest

    Must use kik
  3. 1491072

    1491072 Guest

    Eager and willing, Sir! How may I be of service? No jobs too big or too small. Just make your desire known and I’ll get right to it. Yes Sir, you can count on me. Thank you, Sir!
  4. 1798131

    1798131 Guest

    What’s that kik
  5. indenver

    indenver Expert Member

    Apr 22, 2018
    Likes Received:
    Denver (CO, US)
    Too bad you are so far away. I love it when my feeder wants his coc k worshipped. I've had three guys like that and our sex was in the stratosphere. They were proud of their big coc k and I truly did worship it for them. The more I kissed and made love to their cock, the wilder they got until they fucke d my mouth and throat like Alexander the Great's warriors must have done to each other.
  6. 1856161

    1856161 Guest

    I love to be worshiped too. If he is too busy come my way!
  7. 1692191

    1692191 Guest

    Check out my albums and Let me know your thoughts about my big and thick cock
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  8. 1491072

    1491072 Guest

    Sir, I find your dick to be nice, long and thick, topped with a big juicy head, perfect for leaving a lasting impression on any receptacle fortunate enough to have received you. That said, would you consider leaving a lasting impression upon my throat? If you’d prefer I grovel and beg, just say the word and I will. Thank you, Sir.

    How’s them thoughts? :)
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