Big Dicked Bisexual Cabana Boy


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Jan 16, 2008
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Hi everyone... I've had a ton of requests for some bi stories. Hope you enjoy and please give me some feedback. Thanks

Big Dicked Cabana Boy

I couldn’t believe it, my first day working at the club and already I’d fucked several members, both men and women. At the moment, I was licking my way down the taunt body of Mrs. Baxter, who incidentally is my high school history teacher. I had turned 18 in January, just last month, and would graduate in a few more months.

Living in Miami, this private club was teeming with hot, fit bodies year round. I deftly inserted my long fingers into her pussy, spreading her pink lips. She threw her head back, twisted her fingers in my hair and moaned contentedly as I began licking away at her exposed twat and tweaked her hard nipples.

“Fuck, you should give lessons to my husband, you wicked boy,” she said between grunts, grinding her clit into my face. Mrs. Baxter began to shake, cumming hard, smearing her hot juices all over my chin. I stood and pulled my tight tank over my head, she quickly running her hands through my chest hair and reaching for my shorts.

Dropping to her knees, my big tittied , gorgeous blonde teacher made herself comfortable between my legs. She oohed and awed as my cock swelled in her hands. “Damn, you are one hung and furry teenager Adam. How big is this fucker?”

“Almost ten long, over 6 around. You like it Mrs. B?” I rubbed my huge mushroom over her lewdly grinning ruby red lips, her tongue dancing out to lick my piss slit. She sighed happily as she got her first taste of my jism, smacking her lips as she struggled to take my meat deep. I looked down into her blue eyes, grabbed her by the ears and began long dicking her sweet throat. Mrs. B was almost as good as her son, our quarterback, at getting my hog down her gag free gullet.

Todd, the baby faced, ripped, tall, blond and smooth jock, so far had swallowed more of my inches than anybody else. Maybe it was simply because he’d had more practice, I thought to myself as his mom tried to slurp even one of my huge bull nuts into her mouth. In fact, Todd never let 24 hours pass without me shooting a huge, steaming wad into his open mouth or down his greedy throat. Looked like the apple didn’t fall far from the tree, as Mrs. B began humming as she worked my fat dick with both hands and continued nursing on my cockhead. “You keep that up, I’m going to be shooting in no time.” This served to only strengthen her resolve to get my load out as quickly as possibly.

Rubbing my full, hairy pecs with one hand and massaging my bloated balls with the other, she kept swirling her tongue round and round. I pulled out suddenly and began fisting my massive cock over her upturned face. Mrs. B opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue. I lightly slapped her back and forth with my pulsing prick and began firing giant salvos of white cum onto her tongue, lips, face and eyes.

She swallowed hungrily and licked all the spooge I scooped off her face with my cock and fed her. “I never swallow Adam, but there is something about you and your big dick that makes me crazy.” I pulled her legs over my broad shoulders and entered her wet snatch, balls deep as quickly as she could take it. Throwing back her head, Mrs. B began to cum again right away as I looked down to see my fat, glistening meat stretching her wide and deep. She wasn’t going to forget this pounding any time soon.
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