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    As long as I remember, I had always fantasized of bisexual sex with well endowed men. Many a jerk off session involved fantasizing of threesomes involving both a man and woman. But in reality, I had only straight sex experiences with the exception of spying once on my friend while he jerked off his thick hard cock.
    So one day I was surfing the internet and came across this site that offered groups with like minded interests that you could join. I typed in the search box "Sex" and there came several responses. The first group mentioned was adult sexuality group and according to the description it was a group of adults that go together to discuss all things sexual. I signed up and a week later a meeting came up with the topic fantasies. I decided to attend and signed up.
    On the night of the meeting, I drove to the address that was provided and found that it was at a residence. I knocked on the door and it was answered by a middle aged woman who had rather large breasts in a tight sweater.
    "Hi" she said " my name is Sally and I am the host tonight"
    I introduced myself and said that this was my first meeting.
    She led me inside and offered me a drink which I took and followed her into the living room where there was 5 others.
    We introduced eachother and Sally began by asking everyone to introduce themselves briefly. There was Chris, a 22 year old male college student, Scott, a 34 year old male business owner, John, a 28 year old male model, Janet, a 43 year old single mom and Candace, a 27 year old therapist. Sally was 52 and was a divorced school teacher.
    We all chatted awhile and then the subject turned toward the topic. Sally began by saying that she had been married for 25 years and had recently divorced when she realized that she was not enjoying her life and felt a missing part. She had always had a rich fantasy life but her husband was a plain vanilla guy. She described her fantasies as involving multiple partners of both sexes and she went on to describe very vivid scenarios involving oral, anal and double penetration. When she was finished, she asked that I go next so I described my fantasy involving well endowed men and threesomes with another large chested woman. As I described my story, I felt my cock rise in my pants and by the time I was done I had a full hard on.
    Candace went next and described her favorite fantasy which involved a gangbang of well endowed men and one woman. Chris described his fantasy of having multiple sexual experiences in one evening with different varieties of men and women. Janet described her fantasy of sex with a younger endowed male and another young woman. Scott related a fantasy of outdoor group sex at a park while being watched by groups of other people.
    The evening ended and we had exchanged phone numbers and emails and I drove home and promptly pulled out my cock and stroked it to hardness. I stroked my length as I fantasized of sucking chris's cock (which of course I made 10" in my mind) while fucking Sally. As I fantasized chris cumming in my face and myself cumming over Sallys huge tits, I shot my load onto my own stomach with a shot that hit my face. I took a shower then and went to bed.
    About a week, later I was at home and jerking off to online porn when a call came. It was chris and he was wondering if I would like to meet him for coffee. I agreed and I go ready.
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    Ooo. I hope this crew gets together! Continue please...
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