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Discussion in 'Sex With a Large Penis' started by greatdickismydrug, Mar 13, 2009.

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    Have you ever been disappointed (even a wee bit?) when a new partner can handle all of you? or does it turn you on even more?

    I had a thick, 8", big headed, lover say to me after the third night of fuckfesting "wow, I'm so big and you can handle it and want more!" but sounding a bit disppointed. I guess it is because I am a very petite woman?
    I tried to explain to him that it was only because he was so skilled with his tool that I was able to take it so easily and for so long (all true) but I don't think it helped. He acted like it was some competition that he just lost.
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    I guess it depends on a guy's ego? I'm sure opinions vary, but some guys (maybe the ones that aren't as "secure"/confident about their dicks, perhaps) might see it as a turn-on when a girl can't take all of them-- like affirmation that their dick really is big, and girls haven't just been flattering him. Undoubtedly, there are other guys who get disappointed when they can't fit in, because they want to be able to use all of their dick. Also, for hung guys who have a sexual history of girls who have trouble with their size, it can be a "relief," if you will, in that they don't have to worry (as much, at least) about hurting you, and they can just enjoy the sex and do what they want with their dicks. Another viewpoint is simple: a lot of guys find it hot when girls can't handle a big dick. Something about that big dick being ... powerful, "too much" for them -- a girl being at its "mercy." Maybe the guy you were with really likes that reaction, and was sad he couldn't get it? Maybe he was used to that reaction, and liked it, and was a little disappointed that he wouldn't be getting it from you.
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