Biggest Dick (2) - True Story

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    rlnelson: I grew up on a 2,500 acre ranch in Southeastern Colorado. When you think of Colorado, you visualize the great Rocky Mountains and ski resorts. Well, this is the opposite of that...flat land and rattle snakes.

    We raised wheat. Hundreds and hundreds of acres of wheat. Whether or not the crop amounted to anything depended on the weather. Once, when I was 16, we had a great crop, and it was truly beautiful.

    Ranchers don't own their own combines. They depend on rogue outfits, usually out of Texas, who come through Kansas, Wyoming, Colorado, Nebraska, etc. All they do is combine wheat. When they are done at one ranch, they move on to the next one. Most of these outfits employ young Mexicans.

    When the outfit came to our location, it was unseasonably hot. We were actually worried about storms, fires and the possibilities of tornados. But, thankfully, the outfit came. The combines came rolling off the trucks, and the young Mexicans cheerfully began oiling and gassing their big rigs.

    Most of the Mexican men were, well, typical. Medium aged, medium weight, medium looks. Medium. Not ugly, but not good looking either. Just kinda plain-looking if you know what I mean. Then, Manuel stepped down from his rig.

    I think my mouth fell open. He was slightly taller than the other workers, lean and muscular. His shirt was unbuttoned halfway down, and a thin gold chain circled his neck. He took off a work glove and ran a hand through his shock of thick black hair. His face was smoothly shaven with high cheekbones and black piercing eyes. I am sure I was imagining it, but he looked past me, stopped, and looked back at me for the longest time. A slight smile formed at his lips. He came running over with hand outstretched and shook my hand.

    "My name is Manuel," he said in halting English. "You boss's son?" I nodded my head and smiled. "Heh," he asked, "You want to ride with Manuel?" Most of the rigs carried "shotgun" riders to help if rigs broke down. I agreed.

    The time passed quickly. We began in the early morning hours, and the sun gradually crossed the sky. Lunch came and went. Finally, darkness encircled us, but the rig's big headlights enabled us to continue.

    At long last, we stopped for the night. Ours was the last rig to stop; the four others had alread gone back to the ranch house. I could imagine the workers taking their showers and preparing for dinner. Manuel expertly drove the rig up the dirt lane to a watering tank, about a mile from the house.

    Here was a large circular water tank for cattle. Although no cows were pasturing in this section, the tank was invitingly full of clear water. I looked at Manuel with a puzzled expression.

    "Heh," he asked with a smile. "You want to cool off for a while?" I agreed. We climbed down off the rigs and dropped our clothes. It took me longer...shirt, undershirt, jeans, undershorts, socks, boots. Manuel was quicker, but he deliberately slowed his movements. The shirt was slowly peeled off revealing a muscular chest and arms. The boots came off followed by his socks. Then, as he looked me directly in the eyes, he let his pants fall to the ground. He wore no undershorts, and I saw the biggest, longest dick that I could ever have imagined.

    He grabbed it and shook it. "Heh," he said with that smile. "It got cramped in my jeans; I shake it out."

    I couldn't help it. I was just 16. My own dick started filling out and lengthening. I tried to hide it with my hands as I ran to the tank, but he saw it anyway. As I climbed into the cool water of the tank, I turned and watched him slowly approach. I climbed into the water, walked around the perimeter, made approving sounds with his lips and came to stand before me.

    "Heh," he said quietly. "These work trips; they're long and we have no time for pleasure." He laid a hand on my shoulder. "Do you want to be with me?"

    I gulped. I didn't know what to say. He pulled me closer to him, but we were still several inches apart. His dick has gotten hard and now pushed into my stomach, floating on the water. I had measured my dick over a year previously, and I was proud to have 9 1/2". I thought I was "it." But, here was Manuel with a dick considerably longer than mine.

    Still smiling, he gently took my head and bowed it down toward the water and his long thick dick. I started to take hold of it with my hand, but he brushed it aside with his hands. "Suck it," he whispered.

    He moved forward and let his gigantic dick enter my mouth. He teased me, gently pushing it in an inch or two, taking it out, pushing it back in. He slowly began going deeper, deeper, and still deeper. I choked, coughed and stood up.

    "Heh," he said with that smile that I was beginning to love. "You like?" I nodded my head. Without a word, he stepped out of the tank and walked to his jeans. He took something out of a pocket and walked back and climbed into the tank.

    "What's that?" I asked. "How you say," he asked. "Lubricant?" In swift motions, he had unscrewed the small tube, applied some to his fingers, recapped the tube, and dropped the tube over the edge of the tank. He pulled me to him again, and wrapped his hands around me, touching my butt. His fingers gently applied the lube, and one finger entered me, then two.

    Without saying a word, he turned me around, stood behind me, and slowly pushed his monstrous dick into me. Again, as when I sucked him, he teased me by pushing it in a little, taking it out, and re-entering me. Finally, he began working. His dick kept going in me further and further until I felt his nuts flapping against my butt.

    Because he was so gently, it didn't hurt too much. I didn't think I could take so much dick, but I did. I began jacking off, and he whispered in my ear, "We cum together, yes?" I mumbled something, and he began fucking me harder and harder. Finally, he wrapped his muscular arms around me and held me tight as he pumped me. At that moment, I came, and I felt him shaking and shuddering as he came inside me.

    We stood like that for a moment, with his head resting on the back of my shoulder while his long dick softened inside me.

    That night, I slept like I've never slept before...

    Want to hear more? Just let me know.
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    Its a very good story I would love to read more of it
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    are you kidding? Of course I want to hear more. Keep it cumming....
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