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Biggest Woman You’ve Banged


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Nov 18, 2022
Washington, D.C., USA
69% Straight, 31% Gay
Ok, so I was a late bloomer. Towards the end of college all my friends were trying to get me hooked-up and laid before graduation. (My school was a bit stuffy, and most of the women there were looking for a career, not a man) But finally one of my female friends hooked me up with one of her local friends from the town who was not a student there. Now, my female friend was over 200lbs, so when so referred to her friend as "big" I should have got the hint.

Anyway, we talked on the phone for awhile, and finally she decided to meet at my place just off campus. When i looked out the window and saw her drive up I almost panicked and was literally considering jumping out the window to escape. But she turned out to be a sweet person and long story short, she ended up being my first. But man was she huge!

Of course I never asked her about her weight, but my friend once mentioned that she exceeded the scale at her doctors office, so her true weight is unknown. I estimate at least 375 lbs!