Birthday Gift Surprise

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    Part 1:
    Bruce felt the lips sliding over his massive knob. His eyes were still shut tight and the hands which had started working over his 7-incher were probably what awoke him They seemed softer to him than those of his boyfriend Kenny; but, in his half sleep mode, he couldn't really be sure of anything other than that it felt really good as one hand ran over his furry stomach and moved towards his chest while the other held his cock shaft as the lips maneuvered around the head with the tongue darting out every few seconds and slurping the underside with such force he could feel it under his thick foreskin.

    Out of curiosity he wanted to open his eyes and even gave it hard consideration. Then he thought different and decided to wait.

    The lips, tongue and hands kept working their magic and then Bruce felt another hand. 'Three hands?', he thought to himself, more than a little puzzled. 'Oh well, might as well enjoy it' he mused to himself as another tongue began to lick against his nipple. He purred with contentment as the pleasure was being given. He wondered briefly if maybe this was Kenny, but the scent in the air was different and then confirmation.

    "Hey Kenny-You think I could get him to give me head as he wakes up?" Bruce recognized the deep voice of their neighbor Hulon, from across the hall. About 40 years old and muscular with a massive bulge in his jeans all the time, he was hot. Since that man had moved in Bruce had fantasized about him. It had gotten to a point where in the middle of sex with his boyfriend Kenny, he'd called Kenny by the wrong name. Kenny had seen red and packed his stuff in preparation for moving out. After a long night of screaming and crying from them both, Kenny said he'd stay at least for a little while. Things were rough for two months and sex stopped completely for them both, which just made it harder for Bruce who had always cheated on his past partners and was finding the possibility of Hulon to be worth it even if Kenny walked out. In those moments, Bruce took out his favorite DVDs and used his 10 supportive buddies to keep him from doing anything that destructive-although he would end up popping his cork on scene 3 in the second have of Tariq and the Bomb Squad. Tariq was a dead ringer for Hulon McKenzie from over in unit 32. Kenny had never seen any of the movies Bruce had gotten which featured Tariq, that would have sent him packing as well. Bruce played it safe and kept them in his own personal storage area, which Kenny, being a good guy would never go near.

    Bruce risked it and opened his left eye and saw the mustached mouth of Hulon opening up just before it surrounded his nipple. Then he saw the tattoo of a scarab on Hulon's shoulder. 'Holy fucking crap!' he thought to himself-it's Tariq!' He closed his eyes again as he heard Kenny respond to the question which their neighbor had asked.

    "Yeah, go for it. Poor bastard hasn't got my cock for over three months-might as well retrain him with a nice one." Kenny let out a laugh, "Be the best damned birthday present ever from start to finish-especially the extras."

    "Got that right." Hulon agreed. "In fact I'm looking forward to working his ass while he..."

    "Sssh! Don't give away the surprise he may be plain' us right now and be awake." the sublimely sweet southern drawl from Kenny's throat pleased Bruce. Yeah, Kenny knew him all right, even knew the games he was likely to play. Still, he was wondering who the lips on his lengthening and fattening cock belonged to. He was ready to open the other eye, when he felt his head lifted and a blindfold tied on.

    "Gotta hold the surprise until after it's all done. Ha ha haha." Kenny began laughing and Bruce truly wondered what the surprise could be. He wanted to ask and might have but by this time Hulon had shifted around and the smell approaching Bruce's nostrils told him he'd better open his mouth.

    "There! Told you he was faking the sleep." Kenny laughed aloud as Bruce opened his mouth wide.

    For his part, Hulon, shifted his body around and was now in prime entry position for Bruce's mouth. Out of instinct he grabbed the nose between his fingers. both as a guide and a way to assure the mouth would stay open and then in he went. First fitting the thick head-filmed measurements showed it at 7.8 in circumference and then an inch at a time, thickening to nearly 8.5 at the center, possibly more if the thick veins were fully engorged with excitement.. At about the fifth inch he hit Bruce's throat and all 4 in the room heard the slight gagging sound. "Easy, easy. Relax, breathe, relax, breath, relax suck in, breathe, relax suck in, breathe,,," Hulon used the exact same words he used on the men he face fucked on film. And it worked, Bruce relaxed and the long tube- shown again on film and measured off at 10.7" slowly worked its way into the throat and past the epiglottis and to points further in.

    Bruce felt his cock moving towards spasming and wanted to know who was down there. He'd find out soon enough. The feel of Hulon's testicles bouncing about the sides of his noise and into his eyes, then on his forehead and then back towards his lips, sent Bruce over the edge and he started to squirt his cream into the mouth that held his tool tight. He thought that would be it; but, no. The lips began working him up again and soon enough he was hard again. He remembered the pill stuck into his mouth. Strange, he had thought that was dream. Now he realized it was real. One of those performance drugs he and Kenny were so fond of along with their ritual popper usage.

    Hulon moaned a deep lion sounding roar of a moan as he nearly choked his conquest with his behemoth of a throat stabber. "Oh god Kenny we gotta do it now or it'll be too late." his face was covered in hot sweaty beads. Kenny knew it was time.

    Coming up- Part 2.
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    Part 2:
    "Okay, calm down a little let's get you three into position"

    Bruce felt the penis pull from his mouth and throat and took a deep welcome breath of air. Very little made it in whenever he got face fucked and even less when his throat got taken. He also felt the lips slide off of his own rod and then felt his body being moved.

    "Position yourself honey." Kenny instructed Bruce. "Imagine you and me going at it okay?"

    "mm, hmm." Bruce offered up and he moved on towards his knees and then between the legs, he started to reach forward when the command came to stop.

    "We'll line you up. Don't you be worrying about that. After all it's your birthday. he felt one leg swing onto his right shoulder from the person below, and then the other leg as the knee came to a bending rest on his left shoulder and sure enough, he felt two hands grabbing his buttocks and spreading the 50 year old cheeks apart.

    "I could use some lube here." Hulon said, and then he heard the sound of a jar twisting open. The next thing he heard was the sound of a cream being rubbed on something and he knew what it was, which was followed by a search finger entering his anal portal along with its own lubrication.

    As Bruce knelt there hunched slightly forward still solidly hard he waited knowing from past threeways, that it was the man in back of him who was responsible for sending him forward into the one he would be fucking. He still wondered who the guy was that he was going to get to fuck and then he felt Kenny's familiar hands the long fingers applying lube to his own cock. He was about to speak when he felt the freight train force slam into him from behind sending him down and forward. He immediately knew something was off. 'Hell. It feels good even if he is a little sloppy from the usual. Must have been fucked a lot-maybe even by Tariq." he mused.

    Soon the rhythm was established and Bruce felt his anal sphincter give way to the oversized pipe which was now soundly pounding into him with full deep thrusts, the large low hangers slapping into him followed by nearly full withdrawal, only the head and maybe an inch staying inside at all times. Meanwhile the one that Bruce was fucking was letting out some strange moans. And why were they wearing a sweatshirt?

    It took less than 15 minutes of blissful pumping before Bruce knew. "get me out" he moaned, nearly cried. "I don't have a condom on." He tried pulling out but Hulon kept that from happening. The warning sound had also let Hulon know he could safely cum now.

    "Keep it in there hon' it's part of the present." drawled Kenny. "Something you said you always wanted."

    Bruce was confused but had no ability to formulate further thoughts as his penis started to spasm and shoot thick jets of cum into the funny feeling hole. 'It's not even set right, it's too far forw..." he gasped as he realized what had happened. A mixture of delight, revulsion, anger and gratitude washed over him. He opened his mouth to speak when he felt the initial blast of jizz pour into his lower intestines. A tear trickled down his cheek as he thought about what had just happened. It wasn't from the unprotected sex, or the thing he had just done. Even with Kenny there, he felt he had cheated and that now Kenny would leave him.

    Kenny saw it, and moved over to wipe away the salty tears. "Hey, I thought this is what you wanted, I didn't mean for..."

    "It is. But you're gonna leave me now because I let another man fuck me."

    "Leave?!" Kenny burst out laughing. Oh my. "That's wild!." I set this up just for you. It's been the toughest three and a half months of my life not being able to touch you; but everything had to be right."

    "Really?" Bruce stayed there shocked, his wilted and drained penis still inside a snugly hole. "Even getting Hulon here to pretend to be my favorite porn star?"

    "Pretend?! I am him." Hulon spoke from behind Bruce his now softer, thinner and shorter driiller still inside of Bruce keeping the drops of his work from escaping. "Yup. you got it-I'm Tariq. That's just my stage name though.

    "Come on. Let's get this off of you." Kenny reached around and untied the blindfold. Bruce stared at the face of the last of only 3 woman he had ever seen Tariq or Hulon fuck when he had done the film Tariq Starts A Harem- he wondered what to call him now. 'Anjilda!' Bruce smiled at the face. She was purported to be able to take 2 men of enormous size at the same time- yet she had seemed amazingly tight to him..

    Hulon unplugged from Bruce with a soundable noise as the air and moisture merged and his cock felt freedom again. "Man, that's the best piece I've had in about 10 years. Damned you are fucking good. I'll tell you this much, if I had had any idea what a nice workable piece of ass was to be found over here in unit 33 I would have been over the day I moved in." He slapped Bruce's rear hard. "Better even than Mike and Jimbo. when I did that moving men series. And they were great."

    Bruce looked at the woman he had just had sex with. "I guess I'm not a virgin anymore." He also knew now why Kenny had refused to let him put on a condom.

    "You haven't been a virgin in more than 30 years!" Kenny and Hulon shouted together while Anjilda the most sought after adult film star smiled, knowing that she had been a part of it all and now she was ready to return to the industry after her two year self imposed moratorium on sex. In a way, she felt that she too had just lost her virginity, although there was no pain this time as there had been when she was 19 and lost it on screen to Tariq. 13 years later he still held a place in her heart, although he'd gone over to gay films entirely after that weekend shoot.

    Anjilda was the first to get up from the bed and dressed and she departed leaving the three men to their own devices, and she knew also to their own pleasures. 'huh, I just broke open a 50 year old virgin, Not bad for a girl from Vega Texas who was figured to end up slinging hash at the diner." she giggled a teenaged laugh as the door shut in back of her while she sashayed down the walkway towards the parking and her car.

    Meanwhile, inside unit 33, Kenny, Hulon and Bruce started off another round of birthday fun...

    (The Preceding is not an endorsement of unprotected sex, it was done this way solely for storyline purpose. Always use condoms with strangers and/or group sex situations.)
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